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Uk: Give Your Support to Fight Against a (Conservative Party) Repeal of The Hunting Act

The Result of Hunting British Wildlife – Kent, England. – Photo SAV.

The next general election in the United Kingdom (Uk) must be held on or before Thursday 3 June 2010.  This will decide who will be the next government (and opposition party).


The British people have always been a nation who are on the whole, very animal welfare supportive

As an Englishman, it is a tradition which I am very proud of.

I would like to introduce the following excellent campaign which has now been established in the Uk ready for the 2010 general election.

Please lend you support to this important new initiative set up as part of the fight against a repeal of the hunting act.  Ie. To KEEP hunting where it belongs – in the history books.

We really need to get everyone signing up to this list so we can lobby MPs and candidates during the campaign.     

SIGN UP  ***  The address is:   ***

Please pass this message far and wide

CIA Team

There will come a day when such men as myself will view the slaughter of innocent creatures as horrible a crime as the murder of his fellow man – Our task must to be free ourselves…by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty. Albert Einstein

Polls reveal that over 75% of the British public do not support a repeal of the hunting act. We believe this is an accurate reflection of a society that does not want to see a return to their cruel and barbaric past.

On the 15th September 2004, the MP’s listed in the link below voted Against the Hunting Bill in an attempt to prevent the ban on Hunting from being passed into law. Many of them are still MP’s and are intending to stand in the 2010 General election.

You can see from the list that the overwhelming majority of politicians supporting the call for allowing hunting TO CONTINUE were / are members of the Conservative Party  

Leader: David Cameron MP:

 The Fox in Parliament – the REAL David Cameron:

Photo: SAV

PRO Hunting MPs Wall of Shame:

Fortunately, the Conservatives are the opposition (Non Government) party in the Uk at the current time.  Long may it remain that way.  The Conservative party has declared that if elected into government in the 2010 general election, it will repeal (bring back) the legislation about hunting, so allowing British Wildlife animals to be hunted yet again.

Fox Myths – The hunting community has played a key role in vilifying foxes for their own purposes.  Click on the following for more info:

The following photo is from SAV files; it was taken by SAV founders during the mid 1990’s and shows a fox which was killed by the hunt in the county of Kent, England.

Never before have we (SAV) released this image; but now it is necessary.  It shows the real side of foxhunting; the side that puts the ‘they die of a quick bite to the neck’ into the bin.

As shown here, hunted foxes are literally ripped apart whilst still alive by foxhounds of the hunt.

Voting Conservative at the 2010 election will bring this animal abuse back to the fields of the Uk; and the vast majority of British people DO NOT WANT IT ever again.

So please, sign up for decency and the CONTINUATION of enforcement of the Hunting Ban in the Uk: 

A return to a Conservative government is a return to this:

FOR FOX SAKE, fight against a Conservative Party repeal of the hunting act. 

Thank You – SAV.


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