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**  INTERNATIONAL NEWS LETTER –  November 2009  ** 


Saturday 10th October marked an historical victory for anti-fur campaigners across Ireland. Green Party members voted in favour for a new programme for government, which will see fur farming banned in Ireland within 3years. This is a big step but is far from a final step.


Thousands of rabbits are shot and killed in the city of Stockholm, every year. The bodies of the animals are frozen and then shipped to a heating plant in Sweden, where they are burned to generate electricity. Some of the rabbits are abandoned by their owners; 3,000 have been culled this year, down from 6,000 in 2008.


The plan is designed to protect all cartilaginous fish, a class that includes sharks, skates and rays – over      1 000 species in all. In the EU, shark finning has already been banned for some years now. The new plan is set to introduce more rigorous surveillance measures that should help the entire marine ecosystem, suffering from ever more intensive fishing.


OIPA and animal protection groups have welcomed the response from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to their request for clarification regarding safety testing requirements under the EU’s REACH chemicals regulation, which promises to spare million animals from suffering and death in chemical-poisoning tests.


September 10, 2009 – Fishermen in Taiji, Japan will be releasing captured dolphins this week in response to international outcry following the award-winning film “The Cove.” Some of the dolphins captured during the annual round up will be sold to aquariums, and while the rest are typically slaughtered in secret, the fishermen will be releasing them because of recent criticism.


SAV Writes to EU ‘Enlargement’ Commissioner Olli Rehn Regarding Concerns About Balkans Animal

Serbia: Leskovac City Makes Fantastic Model Authority to No Kill Animal Control Programmes

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China: Shanghai – 700 Rescued Cats Desperate for Help – Can You ?


Dear all,

Please help any way you can.  These groups in Shanghai are working so terribly hard to make a difference, not only for the cats they rescue, but specially because they are striving to change minds by example.   These acts are extremely important because of the huge impact they make on any society.

If you find it hard to donate by bank transfer, you can send it to my Paypal account  (marked Shanghai cats) and I will collect the moneys to send via Western Union. 

Here’s my Paypal: http://www.antifurs DONATE.html

Thank you.


s cats1—– Original Message —–

From: Joy Gao

Sent: Friday, November 06, 2009 7:48 PM

Subject: 700 cats that were rescued on Nov 2nd 2009 in Shanghai are yearning for your help!

The 700 cats that were rescued on Nov 2nd 2009 in Shanghai are yearning
for your help in any way!

Please see the photos below were taken on Nov 5th at a temporary place
where the 700 rescued cats stayed since midnight Nov 2nd.

s cats 2

s cats3

1. Cat food donated by a loving lady.

2-9. Several loving people stayed there at night with the poor cats in a
suburb of Shanghai and they have shifts to take care of 700 suffering

10-11. This white and grey cat is so lovely, she likes to be held, and
wears a collar with a bell. She is certainly someoneâ?Ts loving family
member before she got trapped by the evil.

12-13. Some of the cats are still scared and try to hide up in high

14. Some of the cats got sick and the loving rescuers became vets and
treated the cats themselves.

15. It was discovered that a female cat had just given birth, and still
had breast milk ready to feed her babies when she was taken away. How
could her babies live with their motherâ?Ts milk?

16. This tabby cat gave birth to four kittens. The arrival of the new
kittens caught the rescuers unprepared.

17. This ginger cat was already neutered with the mark on her ear.

18-19 They found out that this white catâ?Ts leg got injured.

20-21. This black cat is so cute, active and cool!

22-25. This little tabby is making everyone happy and she continuously
rubs your leg. She would even be jealous of other cats!

26-29. Look at their beautiful eyes!  They absolutely should not be
treated like meat and eaten by evil people in South of China!!!

Please help them in any way!
~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
The kind donations can be sent via The West Union to the bank account as

The Bank Account of Shanghai Lost Cat Owners Protection Group
In English:

Bank Name:         Agricultural Bank of China
                             Shanghai Branch
Account Name:    HU RONG
Account No:        622848 0030725590514
Confirmation Email Addresses:
Jane Wangâ? <janewang@hrmchina.>
Cynthiaâ? <catsprotector@>

Thank you and we appreciate for your love and support for the loving cats
in China!
~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

Subject: Nov 2 2009, 700 Cats Rescued in Shanghai-

Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 20:21:24 +1300

Nov 2 2009, 700 Cats Rescued in Shanghai

5am – Nov 2nd 2009, in a cold windy day.  The cat owners from Lost Cats
Owners Protection Groupâ? (Used to be â?oShanghai Cat Protection
Groupâ?, since the cat nappers claimed that the cats theyâ?Tve got are
stray cats, so the police may have the caged cats release to the cat
nappers, if the cats have no owners) were waiting outside of a hotel (the
place the cat nappers have the cats collected.) Before sunrise, the cat
owners saw the motorcycles carried the bags into the hotel.

 9am – The cars drove out from the hotel.  The owners followed all the way
to a wild place, outside of Jiangqiao parking lot, where was no any houses
close by.  Clearly, this was a place for cats transporting.

11.40am â?” The cat owners called the police.  The police officers came
from Jiading, Fengbin Police Station.  The owners went into the place led
by the police.  They saw 35 cages full with poor cats squashed in the tiny
bamboo cage: this was not strange to them, but still so heartbroken!
There was no any of the cat napper at the place at the time.

The died bird on top of the cage was the evidence of the cat stolen.

After long time negotiation, with Shanghai Raise Livestock Bureau Small
Animal Protection Assnâ?Ts help, the cats were released to the cat owners.
But the things werenâ?Tt ended.

3pm â?” When the cat owners were carrying the cages up to the truck, at
the moment of the life saving for the long time caged cats, everyone
including all women were carrying the cages. When they were about to
leave, the cat nappers appeared suddenly, they got the truck key from the
truck driver, the owners of the cat were all went on and trying to get the
key back, this was the lives of the 700 cats!  After more than 10 minutes
of fight, they got the key back.  When they managed to drive the truck to
the gate, 5 cat nappers showed out. Those evils throw the rocks to the
truck window. The cat owners, most of them were women, got attacked by the
evils, the police officers were just watching during the attack.

4pm â?” Things gone same as Oct 23rd rescued 600 cats, the truck had gone
to the police station to have the problem solved.  The lives of the 700
cats were decided by the decision of the police.  For years of the
rescues, the action is getting harder and harder!  The cat nappers still
keep steal cats without fear, and the people south still keep eating our
poor cats!!!!!!!! !!! Where is the justice?  Where is the ethics?

8pm â?” After more and more lost cat owners went to the police station to
support, the pressure from the power of the loving people, finally, the
police made the decision: to have the cats released to the cat owners!

1am Nov 3rd â?” At a safe place where the cats were going to be back to
their home or to be adopted , several loving people were working till 3am
after middle night.

Those rescued cats, were saved by the cat owners and the cat lovers who
put their lives in danger to have this rescue successes.  In the near
future, they are going to have the cats be neutered, medical ,adoption,
finding owners, or return to the living areas.  They do need a lot of help
from every source.

Please give your hand to help the Lost Cat Owner Protection Group to fight
continually for our poor, cute dear cats!

Please call Ms Huang if you could help in any way:  Ms Huang: 0086

This news came from Jean Wang – The Shanghai Lost Cat Owner Protection
Translated by Joy Gao