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  2. Humans are not only persons amoung Erthlings there are scientiffical evidences , but humans are only persons who have written personality in the Constitutions and laws wheil humans recognize own personality only, for own advantage.But that is not a scientiffical based reason that they keep all choices in their hands. It is not a thing of a human personal choice : if some persons can live or can be killed. PERSONALITY protect us , personality must be recognised to all sentient beings and protect them( all living beings who can feel pain, fear,sadness and glad are a persons , that are not only humans , there are scientoffical evidences that sentient animals ARE a persons.Person cannot be anyone‚s property..Persons have the right on natural death. and on the life withouth exploitation by any other person.PERSONALITY for all sentient beings, that is for what we must fight now , in 21. Century. Not cry and please for mercy and compassion ( the time of human personal choices is over) but for written demands about PERSONALITY of every sentient being ,by The Constitution and laws .

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