Serbia: Subotica City – Now Stray Animal Control is Opened Up to Public Competition, Including Welfare Organisations, Suddenly the Budget for Same is Drastically Reduced. The Closed Shop, Big Money Ways of The Authorities Past Dealings are Now Declined to Welfare Organisations. But We Fight On to Win the Competition.





Regarding our recent post which declares that there must be a Public Competition – Tendering for the catching of stray dogs and cats in Subotica city;

already there are signs that the city authorities are attempting to cause the animal welfare approach to fail.

The way they will be attempting this is by drastically reducing the budget allocated for stray animal control.

We consider that this immediately shows a fear factor in the depths of municipal authorities financial controllers – one which immediately shows that now that tendering is open to public competition, the vast fortunes of money which have been provided by authorities in the past, and which have been controlled by elicit groups and organisations within the authority, may now be lost by them when it has to be handed over to another party undertaking the work – such as the animal welfare organisations.

For example; up to this present time, many contracts for things such as the control of stray animals within cities has had what could only be classified as political support and leanings – namely that the Director of one of the Shinter firms engaged in the capture and killing of stray animals, one Vlada Dragin, also happens (by just pure chance !) to be the brother of the Serbian Minister for Agriculture, one Sasa Dragin. 

Keep contracts within ‘the family’ along with the millions of dinars financially involved each year and you have basically what could be referred to as a bit of a closed shop !

Now ‘outside parties’, including animal welfare organisations, who propose an alternative ‘No Kill’ way of addressing stray animal control, are immediately given advance information that this budget for such tasks will be greatly reduced in the coming years.

A fear factor concern that things in the dynasty type establishment will not be controlled from within the close knit community now that all future contracts for animal control will be going out to public competition, or just the way things are now days ? – lets leave the decision up to you all to see what you think.

And the numbers ?

From information provided, see documents provided below, it would appear that for the next year, 4.1 million dinars has been allocated for stray animal control.  The two years following, 2011 and 2012, 3.5 million dinars per year is allocated.

This is a little different to how things have always been.  The shinters of JKP Cistoca were always provided with a minimum of 4 to 5 million dinars per year.  In addition there were separate payments made for buildings, for vehicles and for workers salaries.  We understand that in 2009 shinter teams have been provided with 5.8 million dinars from the republic budget, and also provided with 5.2 million dinars from the municipality budget.  That makes 11 million dinars for the year of 2010.

Now it would appear that the tendering for work is being opened up to public competition, which involves proposals being provided by animal welfare organisations, the budget announced on 25/05/2010 has now been slashed to 4.1 million dinars for the period of the first 12 months, and thereafter 3 million dinars per year for the next 2 years.

It could be declared, argued and stated, that by suddenly reducing these budgets immediately by such large amounts, the authorities are already accepting defeat in a system that will no longer allow them to operate a closed shop system, and also that by allocating such small amounts of money when compared to the past, they are also attempting to show that those ‘public competition’ organisations who are tendering to take over management of programmes, such as stray animal control in Subotica city, are just not worthy and completely inadequate for the task !

It could be cynically stated that should any contract be awarded to a public organisation in the near future, things may decline and fail within a few years due to budget restrictions.  Whether this budget allocation would suddenly make a dramatic rise again after this period if contracts were given back to elicit groups and organisations within the authority one can only question – time will no doubt tell.

Again, lets leave the decision up to you all to see what you think.

Finally, Serbian campaigners who will be submitting proposals for the public competition for stray animal control are now going to use the public freedom of information request to obtain data from the city authorities as to why suddenly there is such a drastic reduction in money being provided now that the system has been opened up to public competition.

It will be very interesting to see what reasons are going to be provided by the authorities relating to this, now that the closed shop system has been closed for the future.

Whatever, we will be monitoring events and will hopefully be providing regular updates on a system which has finally been opened up to public control and management.  At what cost we have yet to establish, but there is little doubt that money will be harder to grasp for the ‘public’ organisations undertaking work on behalf of the public, using money provided by the public.

A corrupt closed shop system in the past ? – again, lets leave the decision up to you all to see what you think.

Serbian, Italian and SAV activists are currently cooperating to try and devise a proposal for the strays control of Subotica.  We have been given a limited time for this (around 30 days) and so several avenues to find a way forward are currently being looked at.

Further news in the very near future.




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