Australia: Please Support (see below) – The City of Fremantle has Called for Live Animal Exports to be Phased Out During the Next Five Years.

Live animal exports are an issue which I feel incredibly strongly about.  It is my No.1 campaign issue which continues in parallel with the work I undertake for SAV.

I have been part of the Uk activist / investigation / monitoring system aginst live animal exports from the Uk for over 20 years now.  The number of calves, sheep, pigs and horses that I have seen on the road and at Uk ports, ready for export, now runs into the millions, literally.

Over the last year, Uk activists have finally achieved what has only ever been a dream – to completely stop the export of ALL live animals from the Uk to mainland Europe; animals which have always gone for slaughter and further fattening.

It is a massive achievement and I am proud to have played a part.  As the EU Correspondent for an anti live export organisation here in the Uk, our submissions to the EU on our investigation work has played a key role in getting us to where we are now.  There are some great investigators and groups in mainland Europe who are continuing to highlight the abuse suffered by animals undergoing long distance transportation:,en_ORG.html

I very much wish every one of them every success in the work they undertake.

Finally, I ask everyone to please give your support to the campaign below.  The City of Freemantle in Australia has called for live animal exports to be phased out in the next five years.

Please watch the video footage of Australian sheep exports to the Middle East and then tell me I am wrong when I say that such animals should never be exported live from Australia.   –

Most importantly, please send the sample letter to the authorities of Freemantle, giving them your support in their call that live animal exports from the city should be stopped.

There are also several petitions given below; please sign them.

When you either see, hear or smell live animal exports, you want to get them stopped.  When you witness all together, you rage and the want becomes and obsession.  The right obsession; to free animals from cruelty and abuse when travelling to their deaths.

Here are a few links to some of the action we have taken in the Uk against the trade over the years.  Action which has now reaped rewards 100%.  There are NO live animal exports from Uk shores. 

Please take action for the millions of Australian animals which still endure the most cruellest of cruelty in a trade / business which is not necessary. 


Mark – SAV.


The City of Fremantle has called for live animal exports to be phased out in the next five years. This issue will go before the full council on May 26 !


Tell the Fremantle Council that you support this decision by sending them a letter.

Contact links and sample letter provided below.
Tell the agriculture department that the Government should NOT support live animal exports:


YouTube clip:

SAMPLE LETTER (modified version of the letter provided here:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you regarding the live export of millions of Australian animals for slaughter.

These animals endure long and gruelling road and sea journeys which many do not survive. In the sheep export trade to the Middle East, tens of thousands of sheep die on the way every year.

Despite industry claims to the contrary, the barbaric handling and slaughter of Australian animals on arrival in countries with little or no animal protection legislation is widespread and ongoing.

As a nation with high animal welfare standards, Australian animals deserve better.

I am glad the City of Fremantle has called for live animal exports to be phased out in the next five years and would like to give my full support. It’s time to end this cruel and unnecessary trade and replace it with a trade in chilled and frozen meat from animals humanely transported and slaughtered in Australia.

Yours sincerely,
[Name, Country]


E-mail block:;;;;;;;;;;;;

More pages:
(contains another sample letter to send)

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