Serbia: 21/12/10 – Subotica City officials Try to Take 700 Stray Dogs at EPAR Shelter to Kill Them – Please Watch Video Below of Todays Events.

Please help !

For stop  the killing animals  we must kill ourselvez . Democracy – no way  .Implementation  laws – no way , this is Subotica, Serbia . 

Dulic Suzana, Matilda Seker- on behalf of Suboticas  city authorities , Grgo Tikvicki vet-killer , Vlado Dragin  director of  public garbage firm JKP`Cistoca i zelenilo`  in  Subotica  and corumped  persons in top of  authorities of Serbia ARE responsible for mass killings dogs and cats still many years  , and now they want help 700 dogs  at our shelter by KILL THEM .

That would be  extra great job for animal mafia – they even must not catch  dogs , dogs  at our shelter trust  to humans .–zbog–700-ugrozenih-pasa

Many times we have ask that authorities respect law demands – nothing .  They  want just kill,kill, kill ..

By doing these crimes toward animals, at the same time authorities of Serbia violate human rights of people who respect : animals, laws and Constitution of Republic of Serbia, and by this way authorities of Serbia waste taxpayer money – our money, for doing `good job` to veterinary mafia.

Basis of all of these  unlawful crimes is corruption.  

Please, help us to stop corruption in Serbia. Please push our brutal corumped authorities, it is necessary Serbian good new laws  be implementated,  instead they are ignored still more then 5 years. Inspections don`t act, public attorneys don`t act , nobody act although there are laws which demand actions , although we have bring  charges  against  all these crimes , but nobody care.

It is by Serbian new laws forbidden killing health dogs and cats whether mercy or brutal, it is forbidden killing them even mercy under false name `euthanasia` and special  it is forbidden killing our dear friends by  all these brutal ways – some of  these ways You can see below on links  – but authorities don`t care, although these crimes are punishabled by  law: up to 3 years jail – nobody is punished  for now.

Please help our animals and help us, our human rights are deep violated, we think and feel we are not  humans but slaves, we suffer  very hard because all these killings in front of our eyes, day by day, every day, years by years, all over Serbia  our dear friends be killed  and tortured and we cannot defense them like we are not humans but nonsense garbage, like we are slaves , we can only cry, we are just slaves, we are not humans but slaves of brutal corumped authorities of Serbia – they even pay all these mass killings  with our money  because we are taxpayers  and mass killings are payed  with taxpayer money.

Help us, we are slaves but want be normal people  like you are, and want our friends: animals be respected , and our taxpayer money be respected and not used  for finance these unlawful  killings and tortures, that is our human right  demanded by serbian Constitution, but authorities don`t care. We want our human rights and our friends be respected, now we are  slaves together with our friends: animals, and by some way authorities kill us too, because our life is not real  life  but  horrible nightmare, everywhere are blood and cries of our friends. We don`t want life like this. If there is not other way, then we don`t want further be alive in this horror, we are ashamed because we stay in life, because we stay alive and our friends be killed, we feel  just big pain and big shame, we are not humans and have not any other feelings but just pain and shame . Help us, please, we want be humans like you . 

Please send protest letters to Subotica`s and Serbian  authorities and media  , we must save  700 dogs  and all stray dogs and cats now  in Subotica, because  their killing is unlawful business of animal mafia .;;;;;;;;


Thank you.





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