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Uk / Romania: 05/02/11 – UPDATE On the Appeal to Find a New Home for ‘Fluffy’ – Great News !

Many of our regular visitors to this site will know about our recent post relating to ‘Fluffy’, the little disabled dog who is currently living in a Romanian shelter but who desperately requires a permanent loving home elsewhere in Europe.

The link to our previous post on Fluffy, including some photographs, can be viewed at:


Well, the latest situation is that there has been a fantastic response to the appeal to find Fluffy a new home.  We can safely say that it is now just a short matter of time before Fluffy goes off to a permanent, loving new home somewhere else in Europe.

Chrissy, who is here in the UK acting for ‘Romania Animal Aid’ and organising Fluffy’s rehoming; has been in very regular contact with us since the appeal started and is at this very moment spending (lots of) time reviewing all of the offers which have come forward.

A full health check on Fluffy is also currently in progress in Romania in order that everything is up-to-date and satisfactory for the re-homing in the very near future.

Chrissy informs us that she has been overwhelmed by the kindness that people have shown.  This week, Chrissy has also re-homed two other disabled dogs from Romania; one going to live in the Netherlands and the other in Germany.“It has been a great week” says Chrissy.  “I have a kind lady willing to pay for Fluffys cart and others happy to pay towards his transport, so we are slowly getting there!”

“I will update everybody once I have heard back from the ladies in Pascani, Romania”.

Chrissy also regularly takes out food and bedding to 3 shelters in Romania from the Uk.

And so, once a final location for Fluffy’s new home has been decided on, via Chrissy, we will be able to provide further updates and information relating to this great little bit of animal welfare team work across Europe. I would especially like to thank Lesley at ‘Eyes on Animals’ in the Netherlands for her help in putting out the word about Fluffy to all her contacts.  Special thanks go to everyone who responded to us all offering either a home or providing further contact details for Fluffy

Please visit the ‘Eyes on Animals’ site at:  http://eyesonanimals.com/ 

Normally, our work (Mark and Eyes on Animals) specifically involves live animal transport investigations, but we are very, very happy to be involved with this project to find a new home for ‘Fluffy’; especially as the results to date have been so positive.

So in the next few weeks we hope to be able to provide more information and hopefully some new photographs of Fluffy relocated and settling into his new, forever home.

Chrissy is always looking for new homes for animals that are currently living in Romania, and as such, she will be keeping contact details of everybody who has kindly helped (with Fluffy) with the hope that lots more new homes can be found in the future for these other animals.

So really great news so far; lets just hope things continue this way now for Fluffy’s relocation.

Thanks and regards

Mark – SAV.