Australia: Fraser Island Dingoes campaign – Further Info and Web Links.

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Please forward to all your lists.  The Fraser Island Dingo needs our support


Dear Members,

After receiving a lovely letter from some new members in Sydney, requesting an Introductory letter, the attached was put together in the hope that when you meet people wishing to join or know more about the cause, that this letter will help bring people up to date.

Pdf can be viewed by clicking here;

We appreciate your suggestions and comments.

Kind regards,

SFID Inc Committee.

These animals are only ‘attacking’ tourists because they are starving! What would any other hungry wild animal do? We need to step out of their territory and give it back to them.
If tourists want to take the risk then it’s the same as swimming in the sea with sharks or in a river with crocodiles. Or in a forest with hungry bears. Humans are the most stupid and cruel species on this planet.

SAV previous post on this;

Uk: Happy 6th Bithday Hunting Act !!!

February 19th 2005 – Hunting with Hounds was banned in the Uk.

Six years on and there have been over 150 successful prosecutions (of Hunts) using the Act which bans the cruelty of hunting with dogs.

The vast majority of the British public found hunting with dogs dispicable; so at long last, six years ago, the majority achieved a victory in the introduction of the Act.

Time to celebrate – Happy 6th Birthday Hunting Act.