Spain: Save Maggie From Death – Please Crosspost.

Maggie is in death row at the Hellin dog pound in Spain. She is 3 years old, a Spanish mastin mix (largish size)and is very sweet and sociable.

But there is no hope for this beautiful dog because she has leishmaniasis and the Spanish will not adopt her.

I have two dogs with leishmaniasis, one is cured (they do get cured sometimes, contrary to what the vets will say) and the other only needs a little tablet a day; through the years the disease is slowly vanishing from her system and she looks and feels perfectly healthy.

 They say 70% of the dogs in southern Spain and other Mediterrenean countries have the disease and in my experience, provided they take the tablet, it’s not a problem at all.

Please forward this message to all your animal loving contacts, may be among us we´ll find Maggie a happy home before it’s too late!

Best Wishes,


Tel. 0033 555 47 68 73 

Turkey: **Exposed** – Vet Ismail Ay Allows Animal Suffering. Contact the Mayor of Istanbul and Demand Action. Video, Sample Letter and Links Provided.


***Undercover Video Footage – WARNING – Animal Abuse Shown ***

”Brutality in Istanbul Shelters”

”Scandal in Istanbul, Turkey. Massacre uncovered”



Murder at Hasdal

This is one of the most heartbreaking stories of Hasdal.

This german shepherd arrived with small injuries in his legs caused by thorns and grass of the kind you encounter in the fields/forest. They were very painful, the dog couldn’t stand on his own, but they were not life threatening.

Knowing that Ismail Ay, the veterinarian of Hasdal would NOT bother treating those injuries and that the infection would quickly spread through the body we requested to take the animal to a private clinic immediately. This request was refused. Ismail Ay wanted to deal with the case himself… he then proceeded to drop the dog in an isolation cage and told the volunteers to stay away.

Days later even Ismail Ay was horrified when he entered the cage. The most disgusting smell inmediately hit him on the face and spread throughout the shelter.

It’s was the smell of rotten flesh and death. The dog lay there in a pool of blood ozzing from his legs. He was howling in absolute pain. Massive infection had spread throughout the body.

Ismail Ay then finally gave an order: Take that disgusting dog away from here!

The dog was rushed to a private clinic where he died soon afterwards. There was nothing anyone could do. He died a horrifying death caused by the professional negligence of Ismail Ay, the veterinarian at Hasdal.

Call Kadir Topbas, the Mayor of Istanbul NOW. Let him know the entire world is looking at this same in their computer screens and DEMAND the immediate stop of all operations at the Hasdal shelter.

Kadir Topbas direct line: + 90 212 45521400




Mr. Kadir Topbaş,

Do you consider yourself to be a voice for the public and protector of desolates ?

If so, this is the chance of your lifetime to show your community in Istanbul what an honest mayor you are.

Your image is currently shared all over Europe and I was wondering who this image belongs to.   The topic you are connected with is the cruelty and pain caused to animals in the Hasdal Istanbul shelter.   We are in a state of shock, watching the provided material about the Hasdal Istanbul shelter.  The images speak volumes.

Mr. Kadir Topbaş – step forward and allow the media to get access to this shelter.

If you have nothing to hide, why was the media not immediately allowed to get a glimpse behind locked doors ?

Is there anything you and your associates are currently trying to cover up ?

Why did you have a statement released, claiming those images were recorded in another country ?

The only reason why I personally joined Facebook was not for talking about the weather or the great architecture of a country – but for exposing a huge package of lies spread all over the world, in a different cause.

Literally overnight our campaign made it even on CNN, not to mention our voices were heard all over the world too.

In the meantime, the lies reported back then, have been uncovered in a court room.   There was no way to outrace the truth anymore, for those who tried desperately to fool the public.

Don ‘t underestimate the power of people’s unity, raising their voices for helpless animals who are dying in pain or from starvation in the Hasdal Istanbul shelter.

Just don’t underestimate it, Mr. Kadir Topbaş !

We will continue our drive until the truth is uncovered and the responsible people are brought to Justice for torturing innocent and helpless animals.

Being the Mayor of Istanbul, it is your duty to help the animals and make their lives worth living. 

You must act now, there is no time to loose anymore.   Too many already suffered huge pain and died in vain.

Think about it Mr. Kadir Topbaş and make that change.

You have the power to do so !

Your Name
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Further Links and Video Footage:

 Brutal Treatment of Stray Dogs at Hasdal Shelter

Targeting: Mayor Kadir Topbas, Adem Baştürk, Directorate of Veterinary Services, see more…

Mayor Kadir Topbas, Adem Baştürk, Directorate of Veterinary Services, and Directorate of Public Relations

Started by: Carin Zellerman

Let’s Adopt! has released hidden-camera recordings and footage taken at the Hasdal Rehabilitation Center that expose the brutal treatment and killing of stray dogs in Istanbul.

The images have been uploaded on the group’s official Facebook page, ”Let’s Adopt! Global”:!/album.php?aid=43518&id=111324518892054



For more information on their ongoing campaign, please visit their Facebook page !

Photo credit: Let’s Adopt!