Australia: Fraser Island Dingoes Starving; Poisoned and Prevented From Feeding From Tourists – Take Action Now – Sample Letter and Video Included.





ACTION ALERT – (Australia) Fraser Island dingoes starving; ignored, poisoned; or worse, neglected, and suffering terribly.

SAV have now formally written to the Hon Kate Jones MP

Member for Ashgrove
Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability
Level 13, 400 George Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
GPO Box 2454, Brisbane QLD 4001
tel: 323 90841
fax: 322 76309  

Asking that action be taken to prevent the abuse and suffering of starving dingoes on Fraser Island.  A pdf copy of the SAV letter is shown below:

Australia Dingoes Starving 10 Feb 2011

Please write to Kate Jones asking her to kindly act on behalf of the dingoes; declaring that an emergency feeding program for the long suffering Fraser Island dingoes is established, and that action is immediately taken against those so called humans who are poisoning the animals and preventing them from taking food.

Mail Ms. Jones at  

Use and copy the SAV in the pdf detailed, or copy the wording and modify to your own requirements.

At the end of this post you will find a letter which has been mailed by Pamela Hayes, Australian resident concerned about the dingoes.  This is the basis of support for the SAV letter to Ms. Jones.

Please also view the video produced by Jennifer Parkhurst, long standing campaigner for the  Fraser Island dingoes.

YouTube clip, see it now…


SAV Letter to Ms. Jones. 

                                                                                                10th February 2011

Dear Ms Jones;

I am writing to you this short mail to ask please that you very seriously consider the request detailed in the letter / mail from Pamela Hayes of the Sunshine Coast. Copy below.

I am very concerned about what appears to have happened to Jennifer Parkhurst, a lady who obviously cares about the plight of suffering animals.

It would appear that ‘DERM’ thugs are hired to stop people from feeding the animals.

How long can you go without a meal one has to ask ?

I further support the call of Pam Hayes letter that the men (? – very much doubt) who are feeding poisoned biscuits to the dingoes to deter them from taking food from tourists also be sacked.  Yes, these dragknuckles should be replaced by human beings with morals and ethics.

Although my organization is called ‘Serbian Animals Voice’, it is actually based in England, Uk.  I myself am an Englishman.  We have over six years direct campaigning and legal experience against the Serbian government relating to stray animals in the Balkans; strays which endure very similar practices and suffering that the dingoes appear to be enduring now at the hands of some men.  This is not the situation with all people; visitors wish to see and feed the animals and I trust you would support this rather than setting thugs against the animals baiting them with poisoned biscuits.

I am now posting the full article of this situation onto the SAV site, and will be asking all of our global supporters; of which we have many  – see  for further details; asking them to e mail you in support of the requests detailed in Pamela Hayes letter.

Until we hear from you declaring that an emergency feeding program for the long suffering Fraser Island dingoes has been established, and that action has been taken against those so called humans poisoning the animals and preventing them from taking food, the post will remain on the SAV site.

I trust that you may consider issuing a formal statement in the very near future declaring your intentions for the starving Fraser Island dingoes.  Once we have this, we will then consider the next stage of our campaign.

Pamela Hayes is correct in her letter content.  In addition, I have found the (bad) ear tagging issue relating to animals as shown in the Youtube video by Jennifer Parkhurst of very serious concern also.  I trust that you will also review this and take appropriate action.

Links to this situation will also be sent to contacts across Europe and the Americas.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to being the recipent of your Press Release in support of a dingoes feeding action plan in the very near future.

Yours truly,

Mark Johnson

Founder SAV;

Kent, England, Uk.


Original action letter to Ms. Jones from Pamela Hayes, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Dingoes starving…

From: Pam H
Subject: Dingoes starving…
Date: Thursday, 10 February, 2011, 2:48

Hi All,

I realise this is mostly the kanga group but if anyone has a minute could you please drop a brief email to Kate Jones (below) letting her know that it’s wonderful to help the cassowaries but for too long the Fraser Island dingoes have been ignored, or worse, neglected, and are suffering terribly. Even if you only copy and paste a part of my email it will let her know that more people care, and will bring her attention to the plight of the dingoes.

Pam H wrote:

I just sent the email below to:

*Hon Kate Jones MP*
 Member for Ashgrove
*Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability*
 Level 13, 400 George Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
GPO Box 2454, Brisbane QLD 4001
tel: 323 90841
fax: 322 76309
She is organising the aerial feeding of the cassowaries.

Dear Ms Jones,

Mission Beach has declared an emergency feeding program for the endangered Cassowary, so they don’t starve.

What about setting up an emergency feeding program for the long suffering Fraser Island dingoes who are actually starving to death as I write? Many have been found dead with nothing but grass and sand in their stomachs. Yet they are guarded by hired ‘DERM’ thugs to stop people from feeding them.  This is outrageous.

Do we have to wait for another cyclone or other disaster before we see a need to stop this ongoing cruelty and suffering?

Those who are currently MIS-managing them thought it would be smart to feed them poison biscuits ‘to deter’ the dingoes from taking food from tourists. These men should be sacked and replaced with human beings with morals and ethics.

We all know what happened to Jennifer Parkhurst, a kind and compassionate woman who actually respects animals; fined $40,000 and given a suspended jail term for simply taking pity on them. The charge they came up with was “interfering with dingoes”. What sort of a country makes up such a charge in order to perpetuate suffering?  Probably one that only wants to save face.

An excerpt from the Australian Wildlife Protection Council’s newsletter; Christmas 2010. Volume 21 Number 3:
“15 months ago, Jennifer Parkhurst, a widely respected woman and insulin-dependent diabetic, was rudely awakened at 7am by Qld Dept of Environment and Resource Management squad pounding on her door. The next 6 hours were spent in a terrified state of shock, watching her personal possessions and professional equipment being confiscated and carried off by the DERM ‘goons’. She didn’t realise the vindictiveness and persistence of the louts employed by the Qld Gov’t to manage Fraser Island and the unfortunate, hapless dingoes. They confiscated most of her belongings, including her paintings, photographs, personal documents, even Gov’t documents legally obtained under FOI. The dingo family Jennifer photographed were later killed out of sheer bloody-mindedness, although the perpetrators said they were destroyed after ‘exhibiting increasingly aggressive behaviour’. [Bullies are actually cowards beneath all the posturing].

If you haven’t yet had a chance to look at Jennifer Parkhurst’s moving Fraser Island dingo YouTube clip, see it now…

Something must be done for these poor animals, we cannot sit back and allow goons to have their way simply so they can throw their weight around and feel like the alpha males of the region.

The true measure of a man is revealed in his attitude toward animals.

If you have any power at all, to make life a little easier for these starving creatures, I beg you to use it as soon as you possibly can.

Pamela Hayes,
Sunshine Coast, Qld.


Things Now Looking Very Good for ‘Fluffy’ and the Romanian Dogs and Cats – Further Update 11/02/11



The latest news on the situation for both ‘Fluffy’ and for the Romanian dogs and cats who were left after the death of their owner IS VERY PROMISING ON BOTH ASPECTS !

SAV have been working directly with other European animal welfare organisers (who help Romanian animals) to find new homes for the animals across Europe; and we think that there will be some excellent final news and results in the very near future.

Obviously, we will be keeping you informed of the results; but this is just a line to say that things are moving on at pace, and that the future for all the animals is looking very, very positive.


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