SAV Launch First ‘Youtube’ Slideshow of Serbian Animal Suffering.

The first ‘Youtube’ Slideshow produced by SAV regarding the suffering of Serbian animals has now been posted.

This is another part of our campaign to get the Serbian government and authorities to enforce stray animal welfare legislation which has existed since 2005.

Read our past link relating to the Serbian Constitutional Court ruling in support of stray animal treatment at:

We are not asking the world; simply that the Serbian government and authorities make much more attempt to enforce existing Serbian nation legislation relating to the treatment of stray animals; a law which states that animals should be protected and not killed.

Showing the ‘enforcement of the national rule of law’ is a fundamental requirement that any future EU members states (seeking accession) should show.  Serbia wishes to join the EU but is not enforcing its laws with regard animal welfare.

You can view our short 2 minute introductory slideshow on Serbian animal welfare issues by clicking on:

More slideshows will be produced in the coming months, each covering an animal welfare issues within Serbian cities and towns and authority run shelters in more detail. 

We have a very large photo library of Serbian animal suffering and now some of these photographs will be published in future slideshows.

The government and authorities must act – we will continue to expose the suffering until they change their policies and attitude towards animals.

Regards – SAV.