URGENT APPEAL to Find New Homes IN EUROPE For Romanian Animals Who’s Owner Has Died. Can You Help ?


Updated 07/02/11 2034GMT – new photos and Links Included.

Please Crosspost to Any Contacts You Have in Mainland EUROPE.

See many more photos of the current terrible conditions at the following:






To find new homes within Europe for animals abandoned due to the death of a person in Romania.  The words are given below directly as they were e mailed to SAV.

Welfare groups and individuals in Europe, are you able to help here ?

Thanks – SAV.



I am so sorry to ask for your help again so soon after Fluffy but this is very urgent!  I

Both Nancy from Romania Animal Rescue and myself have been contacted by a lady in Romania who knows of 20 adult dogs and around 11 small puppies plus 3 cats that have been abandoned in the grounds of an old house where the owner has very recently died. 

Early reports are that none are neutered, chipped or vaccinated and we do not know their general health condition but we have been told that although some are nervous, none are aggressive.  The lady is trying to feed them as best she can but the nephew who will now take over the house wants them all gone within 3 weeks or he will either release them to fend for themselves or instruct city hall to send in the dog catchers and take them to the city pound.  Either way they will surely die.

We have a vet going to assess them all this week and if possible neuter them (…aside any nursing bitches) and we can also have their passports started. 

There is absolutely no chance of these dogs being adopted in Romania, their only hope is outside help! 

We do however have transport solutions to have them bought into Austria, Germany or Holland if we can find rescue groups that might each take a few. 

These transport vehicles can accommodate around 15 dogs/cats at a time and we have up to 3 of them so all we need are the right collaborations.

Here is a link to a photo album of the dogs and attached are some images of the cats, one of which is cuddling up with some of the puppies.


I know it’s a big ask but it’s worth a shot right?


If you can help; please contact Chrissy directly at


Important note –

British quarantine laws would not allow these animals to come directly into the Uk and go to new homes without first speding 6 months in quarantine; hence the push more for homes in Austria, Germany and Holland if possible, where this is not necessary.