Rest In Peace Little ‘Tommy’

You know that everything possible was investigated and considered to help you survive.

Unfortunately, your illness was too severe.

Initially saved as stray, you found a loving home in the end – lots and lots of love, lots and lots of food, somewhere warm and dry to lay your head each night. 

You will be very much missed every single day, but you will always be remembered.

Tommy – Died 03/03/11.

You will be loved always, and remain a member of this family. I only wish you, and we all, had had more time with each other. But it was not to be. Only in recent weeks have you started to feel really at home, and now this home has become your grave.

Your illness was such that no treatment would have saved your life, but very likely only have prolonged your suffering. And it would not have been fair to force that upon you. You would not have understood and perhaps not agreed to any of it. So I had to decide for you, in what I thought was your best interest, but the guilt will always remain.

I just buried you, and it was hard letting go of this broken vessel that contained your spirit, because it was what I touched each day, the big eyes that looked up at me expectedly when I gave you your food were half-closed, the light gone from them. I hope you are still around somewhere, and we shall see you again in a happier place and time.


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