Romania: Your Action Required NOW ! – If They Are Allowed to Start This Program There Will be No End. Every Dog/Puppy Will be Rounded Up Systematically Every Day and Sent to These Killing Pounds.

Dear Friends,

Last week the Romanian government met to discuss the possibility of moving forward with an illegal mass slaughter of Romanian stray dogs.  Dogs EXACTLY the same as those that many of you in this group email have adopted.  The authorities want to be able to round up any stray dog or puppy (including those that may be owned but have been allowed to roam), incarcerate them for 7-days and then euthanise them. 

This of course would be sad enough were it not for the fact that of course the dogs will not be humanely euthanised.  The vets (….or even cheap labour/hired help) they will employ to do the task will probably not be qualified and they will use the cheapest methods possible including poison, battering the dogs to death or their preferred method… simply starving them to the point that they kill each other for food.

Since last week there have been many flashpoint protest groups, lots of national press (some of it propaganda by the government trying to whip up support for these measures) but those against these barbaric proposals have won some small victories and pushed back the day when the final decision is made.  It’s possible however that it is only a matter of time before they start.  They have adjourned to look again at the details so we and the international community at large MUST keep the pressure on!  PLEASE send emails to the people listed in Carmen’s report below.  Even if you only have 2-minutes please ask them to ‘choose life and not mass murder’ of these innocent creatures.  Every email sent really makes a difference, it has in the past and we’re all hoping it will in this case!!

If they are allowed to start this program there will be no end.  Every dog/puppy will be rounded up systematically every day and sent to these killing pounds.  This will NOT solve the long-term problem of stray dogs in Romania, it is only a quick fix. 

When they tried a similar thing in Bucharest a few years back, they killed 150,000 dogs, less then 2 years later the numbers had bounced right back to the same level

Every leading expert in the subject of ‘Stray Dog Management’ across the world agrees that extensive and organised CNR (Catch, Neuter and Return) is the only PROVEN way to control the numbers in the long term.

Yet the Romanian authorities refuse to spend money on this and instead prepare to embark on mass murder on the cheap which will solve nothing in the long term.

Thanks for your support.  Please also crosspost and share if you can!!



Dear all,

After the leaders of PD-L (Governmental party) mobilized all their forces including undemocratic and also illegal procedures in view of assure the stray dog management will be done by the big business mass killing, on Monday, the bill no. 912 was debated in the plenum of Chamber of Deputies.

Especially in the last days, 3-4 people made a concentrated lobby upon the deputies, leaders of parliamentary groups, other politicians having different influences which we met/spoke asking them to vote to not accept the law in that form (reintroducing the euthanasia of dogs) and send it back to the Committee for public administration. Also many kind of pressure by many press releases, open letters signed by about 60 Romanian welfare organizations.

Press conference

We (FNPA) organized a press conference, at Hotel “Novotel”, Bucharest (thanks to Mr. Dieter Ernst, ETN who paid the costs of renting the room) were the special guests were:

the princess Maja v. Hohenzollern

Dieter Ernst, the president of ETN, Germany

Av. Paula Iacob, a famous advocate

Maricica Puica, a known Olympic and World champion at athletics

Monica Davidescu, actress

Marius Marinescu, the initiator of the law

Remus Cernea, an ecologist and one of the candidates for President of Romania

In plenum:

At 4 o’clock about 35 people, wearing black t-shirts inscribed with “Alege viata” (“Choose the life”), have been accepted to assist at the meeting of the plenum of Chamber of Deputies. Other about 500 protestant people were outside, in front of Chamber of Deputies.

When the coordinator of the meeting read the title of the PL 912, all of us stand up and wait the verdict. The representatives of parliamentary groups started to have a short speech and (excepting the Government parties, PD-L and UDMR) all of them proposed the legislative project to be returned to the Committee for amendments and to be debated again after 3 weeks. 70 deputies (from 115 totally present) voted for that. We were completely excited and the balconies were filled out with applause.

Photos from press conference and protest rally, Bucharest, 7 March:

The coming in Romania of princess Maja and Mr. Ernst were very good as they could speak in the name of animal lovers from outside, the necessity of education, empowerment of dog owners, mass sterilization program, image of Romania, was efficient.

Also Princess Maja attended to some telecasting/shows in different national televisions.


WE GOT NOW A VICTORY BUT NOT THE WAR. This does not mean the euthanasia will not be introduced anymore, but only we have a little bit more time to fight much more.

So still need your help:

–       send protest letters by:

–          fax: 00 40 21 3134931; 00 40 21 3146934

–          emails (email addresses bellow)

–          send open letters to your mass media and let me know the links such as we’ll be able to send the information in Romanian mass media; the pressure made by the international mass media is more powerful. Speak about the bad, cruel image Romania will have – this is what the Romanian authorities is very affected

–          contact influent people (like politicians) from your countries who can put a pressure to the leaders of PD-L like, for example: Elena Udrea, Tourism Minister, Mircea Toader (the leader of deputies from PD-L party), Sulfina Barbu (the president of the Committee for public administration)

–          possible before the debating in Committee for public administration and, after, in Chamber of Deputies we need some of you in Romania.

Thank you.


Carmen Arsene


Deputies – Chamber of Deputies

(Camera Deputatilor),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Romanian MEPs – deputies in European Parliament

(Europarlamentari romani and cabinet of president of the European Parliament),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



Scientific Researcher


Institute for Nuclear Research Pitesti

str. Campului no.1

PO Box 78, 115400 Mioveni

jud. Arges, Romania

tel.: + 40 248 213400 ext 590


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