Libya: Finally Some Help for Tripoli Zoo Animals.

Thank you Austria!
Fate of Animals in the Tripoli Zoo:

As the National Transitional Council struggles to establish its legitimacy and, indeed, to get the government in Libya running, some residents of Tripoli who have been suffering for days are finally getting some relief.

CNN reports that a team of animal-welfare experts from Austria’s Four Paws International has arrived in the Tripoli Zoo to tend to the animals who — unlike human residents of Tripoli — had no choice but to remain where they were as missiles were fired and Kalashnikovs shot bullets into the mammal house.

Fifteen members of the zoo staff braved the fighting to feed and water the animals every day; without this care, they would have died after three or four days.

However, with running water only recently restored to Tripoli, the hippos were in poor shape; they could only drink the water left in their pool, but were unable to swim. They have survived and now have sufficient water.

But a Siberian tiger, Osama, has died. A doctor from Vienna, Dr. Amir Khalil, who rushed to Tripoli to help the animals after seeing a TV report, says Osama died due to his age (the tiger is possibly 21 years old) and also the stress he endured.

The Tripoli Zoo opened in 1986 and was undergoing a major reconstruction when the war broke out. The South Korean construction company that was working on the project left due to security concerns. The zoo’s director, Dr. Abdulfatah Husni, says the NTC has pledged support to the zoo and that he hopes there will be exchanges with zoos around the world and the arrival of new animals who have not been traumatized by the violence of the war.

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Australia: Save Fraser Island Dingoes – Latest News and Campaign Information.

Lots of latest news and info from Jennifer – please read on.

All data reproduced with permission from Jennifer.


Save Fraser Island Dingoes Inc.

                                                      Media Release.                        13 Sept. 2011

Dingo Strategy has no bite...

Recent reports obtained through freedom of information suggest that the government has been misleading the public regarding the cause of aggression by the Fraser Island Dingo.

These reports, dating back to 1994 and Commissioned by the Government, clearly demonstrate that feeding is not the main cause of aggressive behaviour.  In fact the reports state that loss of fear when combined with hunger, is the actual cause of problem behaviour (Price 1994) and the incidence of stalking is most likely attributed to lack of foods available.

This study confirms what scientists and researchers have been saying for years, lack of food is a major factor in causing unnatural and inappropriate behaviour. A hungry animal can become volatile and unpredictable. Constant trapping, ear-tagging, hazing and destroying of animals disrupts the pack structure which, in turn, leads to anti-social behaviour, but this is not recognised in the Dept. Of Environment and Resource Management’s Dingo Strategy.

DERM was aware that limiting food sources, such as closing the dumps, would have consequences. “The dump closure…is blamed for starvation” (Price 1994),  but did not consider it of importance.  

The study also discusses the fact that nipping and biting is usually provoked by visitors and that a juvenile dingo’s natural curiosity and play-behaviour can be misinterpreted as aggression. Price states, “nuisance behaviour is usually associated with a juvenile animals playful character”. But again DERM has ignored its own findings and the majority of animals destroyed today are juveniles.

Jennifer Parkhurst, Wildlife Photographer, was fined a sum of $40,000 including a 3 year suspended sentence for feeding starving animals and allegedly causing them to become dangerous. At the time this was considered excessive, as the maximum fine for feeding a dingo is $4000; now it seems ridiculous. 

DERM’s management strategy is apparently based on the observations of rangers and students during the course of their field work. Jennifer Parkhurst spent 7 years of observations but her findings were dismissed.

In light of this study questions need to be asked:

Why did DERM spend so much time and effort pursuing Ms. Parkhurst in an attempt to denounce her research when her findings were similar to those of their own department?   

Why did DERM subsequently use a photograph from Ms. Parkhurst’s study on its website if her findings were discredited? 

Why does DERM continue to deny that its management was not responsible for starvation of the dingoes when clearly this document shows that the strategy had a huge impact on the dingoes behaviour?

Why is the public only fined for feeding, but allowed to torment and tease the dingoes?

Why is the signage on the Island only warning tourists not to feed dingoes, but no signage warning tourists not to abuse the animals? 

Why are members of the public not held accountable for their actions, such as not supervising children?

Why are juvenile dingoes still being targeted for destruction when exhibiting natural behaviours?  

Save Fraser Island Dingoes Inc. will be taking these questions, and many more, to the government…


Save Fraser Island Dingoes Inc. Committee

President Malcom Kilpatrick

50 Old Maryborough Rd.

Pialba Qld. 4655

Ph: 07 4124 1979 Email:

Note: Jennifer Parkhurst’s photographs were not only misappropriated but misrepresented and subsequently removed without explanation.

“DERM stated under the photo: “do not mistake this behaviour as ‘play’. It is not a game.”..when in fact, it was a game and the dingoes were playing.”  Jennifer Parkhurst.

Access the Price report bu cliking on the following link:      

Price report

Picture on the DERM Website – March.


Before National Parks






Serbia: Criminal Charge to Authorities Now Made (by Serbian Campaigners) Re Dog Having Head Cut Off. The Police and the Government MUST ACT – and Not Do Their Usual Ignorance.

Our post on this issue:

Serbian press article (Kurir):

According to current information, a 15 year old boy from Zajecar, Serbia
cut off his own dog’s head because he allegedly bit him; and there is
another source saying the boy tried to toss his dog off a bridge, so the dog
bit him and the boy put the dog down and cut his head off. He has allegedly been
reported and the authorities know who he is and where he lives.

Message from Slavica:

Dear friends;

We have brought a Charge against this criminal, to the police, to inspection and  have sent it to the Government as well as all the Serbian.  This was done the first day after the news broke.

It could be useful doing a petition together calling for justice for this poor dog, as well as for poor Archie (you remember  dog Archie with cutting off both left legs, and Mila (cutting  off all 4 legs). 

Archie – 2 legs cut off

And many others  for whom we know and don`t know, but it happens again and again, because the police never find the criminals; and that  makes a big frustration to us all.

It would be useful if petition be addressed to Mr. Ivica Dachic, minister of police – Serbia, and if petition text ask and request that the police find the criminals – thereby showing that they have some ability.

Because the police are not able to find some of these criminals and  do not prosecute or make them pay through the legal system, the judicial system of Serbia is also very much under question . Crimes are left unpunished !



We, people of this Planet  – whether or not we live in Serbia, we must send our strong request to the Serbian authorities, because these regular crimes toward animals stay unpunished,although Serbia has Laws for Animal welfare and Criminal Code, by which these crimes can and must be punished.

And also Serbia has a national Constitution in which it is written that all laws must be implemented.

United, we will be  the bigger Power, and by that way we also will defend our human rights. Whether or not we live in Serbia, our human rights are violated by these non implementation of national laws : we want to live in harmony and peace with our animal friends, but we all are continually surrounded with horrors:  the unpunished crimes toward our dear friends, which is not acceptable in  a  Civilized Human Society on this planet Earth.

By Article 7. of the Law for Animal welfare of Serbia – cruelty and  killing healthy dogs and cats, even named `euthanasia ` is forbidden.

By Article 82. and 85 each Law  – cruelty and killing must be punished by 5000 dinar to 50,000 dinar  for each person and 100,000 to 1 million dinars to shinter firms; AND

by Article 269. of Criminal Code of Serbia  : Paragraph 1; up to 1 year jail for crimes to any one animal and by paragraph of each Article ( 269.), up to 3 years jail if there is a crime committed towards more than 1 animal.

I will send this to Mrs Jelena Tinska, maybe  she  could write  the text of petition in all  lanquages – we will see what she will say.

Jelena Tinska  , please can You  help in this , as You always did. We all must write to the Minister of police and the Minister of Justice and also to President of Serbia – our human rights are also on the table- violated. It doesn`t metter if we live in Serbia or not, these criminals make our life a nightmare because our animal friends are being killed and all the criminals who do this are staying unpunished .




Romania: Dogs Left to Starve in the City Pound of Botosani – Sample Letter to Send – Please Act Now.

Dogs left to starve in the city’s pound of Botosani

Please click on the following link to gain additional video footage:  

In May this year were over 200 dogs killed in one night at this municipal enclosure. People protested in Romania and all over Europe and the mayor promised to repent.

Now, the municipal mayor and the shelter manager instead let the dogs starve and die. Abandoned and neglected.

What about, the area of ethic, morality and animal laws?

They are starving for at least two weeks, the guards have confirmed that nobody brought them food. From the photos one can see that even the feces are no where on the ground, not that anybody cleaned. These dogs are just a bag of bones and can barely stand.

They have been brought in from the streets healthy and playful. Now they are dying.

The puppies are placed in a death box, where the Parvo virus is still present, because this virus disappears only after 6 months and is resistant to the common disinfection. Not that is has ever been done any disinfection.

Some die, some are brought in this continuous circuit of death. Once there the little ones die in maximum one week due to the diarrhoea, vomiting and dehidratation.

They are not fed at all, why for, if they will eventually die anyway. Any puppy arrived there, even if adopted later on, extremely weak, not vaccinated, will die despite all the efforts put in place to save them.

They are starving for at least two weeks, the guards have confirmed that nobody brought them food. From the photos one can see that even the feces are no where on the ground, not that anybody cleaned. These dogs are just a bag of bones and can barely stand.

Please take action!

Email to send —->  SAMPLE LETTER

SUBJECT : Please stop the torture of stray dogs in the city’s shelter in Botosani

Dear sirs,

I am sending you this protest letter, because I have had enough with the obvious unwillingness of Romanian authorities to solve the problem of strays overpopulation in a civilized, humane manner, as recommended by the European Convention, The World Health Organization as well as major international organizations for animal welfare and protection.

What has surfaced again from the city of BOTOSANI, about the way stray dogs are held in the city’s pound without FOOD and WATER for weeks, about the fact that the pound is LOCKED all the time, people who would like to go and visit and adopt need written approval, the fact that the local animal protection association (ADOR) and volunteers who want to help those poor innocent animals are denied access, the photos of STARVING animals and over crowded kennels, is one more example of the barbaric way Romania treats animals and of the fact that Romanian elected officials and authorities (DVS, POLICE) supposed to implement the laws of the land, show a total disregard towards them and total indifference about the image Romania has in the world now.

We know what happens in Romania – do you?!/botosani-urgent!-3755267

People from around the world are outraged by the attitude of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Sanitary-Veterinary county officials, Botosani Police with regard to this DEATH CAMP which is the city pound.

Yet, the same officials continue to pay from the public money, salaries to dog catchers, care takers, and probably a veterinarian who can’t wait to find a new reason to “euthanise” hundreds of animals again.

We are determined to protest to the EU Parliament and to ask that sanctions will be imposed on Romania for the way animals are treated, for the fact that international Conventions and recommendations are not followed by Romanian authorities and for the fact that even Romanian laws in force are not applied.

We did not forget the horrible mass killing of 230 dogs in just a couple of hours in May 2011.

Please take all the necessary measure to close this death camp which is the city pound of Botosani, once and for all, and to collaborate with Romanian and International Animal Protection associations who are more than willing to help the stray dogs in your town and county.

Please start a mandatory sterilization campaign in your town and county as soon as possible and show the world that Romanians are still capable of compassion and able to solve the problem of strays overpopulation in a humane and civilized manner as expected from a civilized country, member of the EU in the 21st century.

Please allow access to the city’s pound to anybody willing to visit, every day, like in all civilized countries in the world, and please let those who really love and care for the animals to take care of those poor victims of such a barbaric mentality.

Thank you very much.


***  please sign with your name, city, country ***

email addresses – send the letter to the following:


CC:  (parliamentary commission which will decide the fate of strays),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


more addresses:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

EU citizens, it is also important to inform your country’s EU politicians what is happening in Romania. 

It is essential that they become aware of the atrocities in Europe so that they sign the new Declaration.

Written Declaration link:


Please give your time…

Link to find individual MEPs for all EU member states – click on the country required from the map and then select by appropriate region:

Member of the European Parliament (MEPs)