India: Some More Excellent Rescue Videos From Animal Aid Unlimited – All With Great Results !


animal aid unlimited india

One organisation that we really do have so much respect for.

It’s not uncommon in India to see wells, drains, pits and tanks of one kind or another left open with no barrier or warning signs where any child or animal could fall in and be completely unable to get out on their own.

We received a call on our helpline for a puppy who had fallen into an open sewage tank (for human waste).

The puppy’s sorrowful moans echoed against the walls as Ganpat heroically let himself be lowered head first into the septic tank in order to save this puppy’s life. You’ll see in this video, the puppy was literally just a few moments from drowning and death.

In the days after the rescue, his fearful heart began to melt, through love.

We hope this link takes you to the video – but it may not.  Keep trying !; it is out of our control – SAV.

Try this first – 


Berry had been dragged by a hit and run driver. A kind person called us to the rescue and when we arrived, her back was arched in pain and she was bleeding from multiple deep gashes. Calves and cows are so fragile and sensitive—their size is large compared to a dog, but their sweet natures are extremely delicate. Berry was traumatized. Her heart beat too fast and we were afraid she might go into shock. But as you’ll see in the video above, medical treatment and loving kindness awakened one of the most zippy, playful little sprites we’ve ever seen. Meet Berry and get ready to kick up your heels.

We found her lying in a trash pit with a gaping hole in her stomach. The neighbors who had called us to come rescue her said she had somehow gotten the injury 3 days ago but then she disappeared, otherwise they would have called us earlier. She must have gone to hide in the nearby bushes, in too much pain to come out for food or water. She could barely move when we found her but with the remaining strength she had she wagged her tail as if to tell us everything she had endured, and she truly seemed to know that her now she was going to get better.

Lola’s enormous wound would have become horribly infected and she would have become sick and almost certainly died without the life-saving treatment that your generous support enabled us to give her

To give a donation and support the superb work of AAU,

please click on the following –

Thank You.




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