We Are Trying – But Sometimes We get Caught Out. Today Was One Of Those Days !




Dear all;

In addition to this site; on which EVERYTHING is vetted and approved before posting; we also have an SAV Facebook site with very many ‘animal welfare’ members who put out appeals and requests for help; in addition to showing the excellent work they are doing to help animals in need.

Like this site, SAV Facebook should be completely geared towards helping animals, nothing more, nothing less.

We (at SAV) are provided with new SAV Facebook members requests to join up in advance of final approval. We have certain things to go with, and usually you can get a ‘feel’ for the person wishing to join.  Currently on SAV Facebook we have around 1,149 members.


Usaually we do not have any problems and are very keen to welcome new members into the group.  But sometimes; at odd times, you do get someone who applies to join; and despite doing what you can by checking them out a bit in advance, they end up joining for reasons other than animal welfare.

Today we have approved 3 new members – 2 of them we are very keen to welcome; but the latest ‘member’ who was approved tonight  immediately (within 5 minutes) started to load porno video and footage onto the site.

We hopefully stepped in within a few minutes to remove all the footage from SAV Facebook; and also to block the person from ever posting anything more onto the site.

Yup, tonight we were duped – by someone who obviously has no interest in animal welfare; but who wants to infiltrate and show their pervy videos and footage onto the SAV Facebook site.

Hopefully, within an hour of getting approved; this perv has now been completely blocked from future actions.

You see some come and you see some go – life plays out that way.

But we are trying to do basic checks on people and all requests for membership prior to giving them approval to join the SAV Facebook group.  Unfortunately, you always get the odd one who tries to get through in order to put something of no interest to most members onto the site and tonight it happened.

Stick with us; we are trying to validate all people, but sometimes you can be sent a few ‘benders’ to throw you off track during the approval process.  But we can deal with it; and as tonight’s new porno info shows, we can and will take action to remove it asap !

We continue to always welcome new SAV Facebook members requests to join up – we try to deal with them on the same day as the request was made.  So keep on; don’t let this event put anyone off – as we say; people who try to infiltrate for reasons other than animal welfare issues will be blocked as soon as we are able !

I hope this gives you an insight into what we are trying to do on SAV Facebook.We will always continue to welcome new animal welfare supporters to the site; so contact us if you wish to join.

Regards Mark


For all your ANIMAL WELFARE issues !!

 arghh 2

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