Germany: Merkel Gives Two Fingers to EU Animal Welfare Regulations and Instead ‘Helps’ the Ukraine With Non-EU Compliant Funding for Egg Production – Causing Additional Suffering to 8 Million Hens.

“The eggs are not meant for the EU market” – Does this mean that animal abuse is ok by German government regulations as a result ?

The German government – that is the German department of trade and industry – is helping out the Ukraine with 2 export credit guarantees for building 2 huge egg-producing facilities (Avangardco) housing some 8 million (3 and 5 resp.) hens in cages which are forbidden in Germany and the rest of the EU.

The department has been heavily criticised for this, as this supports something that is now illegal in Germany and throughout the EU. The department, in turn, defends this support with the fact that the produced eggs are not meant for the EU market.

What this means in effect is that the German government is only really interested in promoting itself throughout Europe, regardless of what suffers as a consequence – in thios case, 8 million hens.

The attitude of the German government is one of ‘the eggs are not meant for the EU market’, in other words; animals can continue to be abused with german government approval; they will rubber stamp animal abuse in non EU parts of Europe; just as long as the European (EU) consumer is not affected.  So whats the problem ?

This, it must be remembered, is from the Christian Democratic Union (Germany); a party headed by Angela Merkel; a woman who hates anything and everything environmental and ‘Green’.  As long as she is making money, then nothing else really matters for this woman.

Angela Merkel:

Christian Democratic Union (Germany):

The Spiegel article is here:

The protest by the German “Albert Schweitzer-stiftung” here:

Past SAV links associated with non-Green Merkel:

Rio summit to make fresh bid to tackle environment woes

RIO DE JANEIRO: A crucial summit on global development kicks off here today with nearly 20 heads of state and government, including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in attendance in a fresh bid to rally the world behind a common environmental blueprint amid economic woes and discord.

As calls go out to world leaders to commit to reaching an accord that addresses the most pressing environment and social woes, Singh will pitch for the principle of common but differentiated responsibility during the meeting, 20 years after the first Earth Summit was held in this Brazilian city.

How very typical: Angela Merkel and David Cameron are not attending – so much for their environmental view on the worlds future !

US President Barack Obama and leaders of Germany and Britain — Angela Merkel and David Cameronare NOT attending the two-day Summit, officially called the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is leading the US delegation.

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