Crimes of humanity

In the photo, you can see Patrick from Virunga National Park.
Until his murder, he was one of the rangers looking after the mountain gorillas.

Next to him sits a gorilla who lost his mother to hunters.

Due to the constant threat from armed groups, the Virunga National Park Rangers even have to complete military-like training.
But there is another danger, oil.

The gorillas sit on oil and the French oil giant TOTAL is producing shit-oil in their area.

There is a lot of oil at stake, namely deals worth billions of dollars and the gorillas in the middle, because Virunga is not spared either. Uganda has given the oil companies in Virunga the green light.

The first oil exploration licenses have been signed by European oil companies.

Despite global protests, Uganda signed an agreement with the French oil company Total on the 1,443-kilometer East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) in September 2020.

Three journalists and six environmental activists were arrested for criticizing the project.

Oil giant TOTAL is planning the world’s largest heated oil pipeline through Uganda and Tanzania and will destroy some of the world’s most important reserves that protect countless elephants, lions, and chimpanzees and displace tens of thousands of families.

Another environmental crime.
Caused by highly criminal elites.

But governments and the media keep us busy with the horror corona statistics so that the process of making stupid can be accelerated, and we get afraid of losing a life that will soon be impossible to living.

Regards and a good night from Venus


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