Kenya: Donkey Slaughter Industry Exposed – Take Action Now !


A PETA Asia investigation uncovered horrific abuse in Kenya’s donkey slaughter industry, which exists only to meet China’s demand for ejiao, a traditional Chinese medicine.

Workers cruelly beat donkeys before they’re taken to the abattoir to be slaughtered – all so that their skin can be boiled down to make the gelatine used for ejiao.

Many donkeys are transported to these facilities by lorry – forced to endure a gruelling trip that can take several days, during which the animals are deprived of both food and water.

Eyewitnesses found dead donkeys who hadn’t survived the torturous journey abandoned outside an abattoir. One donkey on a lorry appeared to be injured and was unable to stand up. Workers dragged her out, dumped her at the facility’s front gate, and kicked her.

Mark, we believe this cruelty must be stopped. Do you agree?

If so, please urge Kenya’s cabinet secretary for agriculture to ban all donkey abattoirs:

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Thank you for your compassion.


Margarita S

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  1. Humanity is the only evil on this planet, and some people are the essence of evil.

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