Canada / UK: BUAV Latest News – Air Canada Stops Transporting Primates for Research.



Air Canada





Victory! Air Canada stops transporting primates for research

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From BUAV –

We are delighted to announce that the Canadian Transportation Authority (CTA) has upheld Air Canada’s decision to stop transporting primates destined for experiments.

The BUAV has played a vital role in exposing the role that airlines play in the cruel trade in primates for research. Last year, our investigative team revealed that Air Canada had transported a shipment of 48 monkeys from China to Canada for research purposes. This resulted in widespread media coverage, a public outcry and sparked a campaign spearheaded by the BUAV in which groups and individuals from around the world contacted Air Canada requesting that it stop transporting primates for the research industry.

Subsequently, Air Canada approached the CTA with an amended tariff that would allow it to discontinue the transportation of primates destined for research. The CTA suspended Air Canada’s amended tariff pending a hearing. The BUAV became an intervener in the case and submitted evidence to the CTA. The BUAV argued that Air Canada should be allowed to respond to public concern and align its policy with the many other major international carriers that have stopped transporting primates.

The trade in primates for research is a global industry that involves misery, suffering and death on a huge scale. The BUAV has worked tirelessly to end this inhumane trade and, as a result, a large number of airlines have stopped transporting monkeys destined for experiments. There is now only a small number of airlines that continue to be involved in this ugly business including Air France, Vietnam Airlines, China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines.

Thank you to everyone who supported this important campaign! However, there is still work to do, so please join us and stand up for primates by contacting the airlines still involved in this cruel trade.

Please also consider giving a gift so we can continue our important work to speak out on behalf of those animals who suffer and die in laboratories around the world

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