USA: Horse Killed at NJ Rodeo – Reno Rodeo Violates its No-Shock Promise


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Horse Killed at NJ Rodeo – Reno Rodeo Violates its ‘No-Shock’ Promise

To meet minimum common sense welfare standards for former wild horses…

Do these Meet the Standards?

Animal Protection Group Calls Out Reno Rodeo President, Rodeo Vet For Abuse Denials

July 2, 2013

 Reno, NV – SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) is calling out Reno Rodeo President John Tipton and rodeo veterinarian, Dr. Joe Coli, on their denials that a horse was struck with a wire rod and electro-shocked in the anus, and endured other abuse during the Friday, June 28 rodeo performance.

 Tipton and Coli were both quoted in the Reno Journal Gazette on 7/1/2013. According to the story, Coli said, “it is unfathomable that anyone would stick a wire rod into the anus of a horse.”

 And further, “I cannot for the life of me even begin to imagine someone doing that at a rodeo, especially at Reno with the rules they’ve got in place. I am not sure what the woman saw or what she thought she saw, but I cannot imagine that is what actually took place”.

 Coli is not only the veterinarian for the Reno Rodeo, but in what can only be seen as a conflict of interest, has been a member of the Rodeo Association since 1983. He has also worked closely with PRCA Stock Contractor, Cotton Rosser who is notorious for electro-shocking horses.

 That article can be found here:


Video documentation by long time Reno residents Ellie and Stephen Lopez-Bowlan leaves no question that the abuse occurred.

SHARK is releasing a video of that footage slowed to half speed.

 The video can be seen here:


 For lots more on this story, plus loads of other issues, visit SHARK at:



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