URGENT – Bricks for Bears – Can You Help With the Purchase of 1 Brick ? – See Below for Details.


animals asia bricks

Bricks for Bears – Can You Help ?

Can you help buy a brick to save the bears ?

Current total of bricks purchased (as of am on 18/7) = 3,525.

Less than 500 bricks needed now.

We at SAV have done our bit with a purchase – can you buy a brick to help save the bears ?

Animals Asia web site = http://www.animalsasia.org/

 A million thanks to you caring supporters who’ve donated to our China flood appeal already.

Your generosity will allow us to start urgent repair work at our sanctuary – including stabilising the river wall with wire baskets filled with rocks and concrete. But large sections of the river bank, perimeter fence and concrete path remain unsecure and repairs are needed urgently.

A few days ago, we asked you for 4,000 virtual bricks to fund the repair work, and we’re not there yet. (Click here for the latest tally.)

We’re immensely grateful to those who’ve donated already. If you haven’t given yet, please buy a brick today and keep our bears safe from harm. A virtual brick costs just £20/€20.

We still hope to reach our goal of 4,000 “bricks” in the next few days.

Please give now so we can repair the river wall and secure our sanctuary from further damage.

We hope to start work as soon as it is safe when the heavy rains and water levels subside. Should we exceed our goal, additional funds will go towards the care of our rescued bears.


Jill Robinson MBE Dr.med.vet. h.c.
Founder and CEO

PS: We’ve just heard that more torrential rain and severe storms are forecast over the next five days. We need to start on urgent repair work. If you haven’t donated already, please give today – it’s just £20/€20 for a virtual brick. To contact our office, please call +44 (0) 1579 347148 or email: ukqueries@animalsasia.org


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