Serbia: 27/8/13 – Campaigners Now Ask Agriculture Ministry for Full Listing of Serbian Cat and Dog Shelters – In Accordance With the Law.

Serbian  Flag


Campaigners in Serbia have now written to the Ministry of Agriculture requesting that they be sent a full listing of / documentation associated with all cat and dogs shelters within Serbia; and as with the requirements of the new legislation, information of the condition of each of these shelters.

It will be very interesting to see what, if any, response, is given back to the campaigners by the Ministry.

We will watch the situation and can provide any information / no information on to MEP Keith Taylor if applicable, in order that he can further use the evidence whilst gaining support from other MEP’s a round the EU.


check lista za prihvatiliste 01 (1)check lista za prihvatiliste 02check lista za prihvatiliste 03jpgcheck lista za prihvatiliste 04jpgcheck lista za prihvatiliste 05jpgcheck lista za prihvatiliste 06jpgcheck lista za prihvatiliste 07jpgcheck lista za prihvatiliste 08jpg (1)check lista za prihvatiliste 09jpg (1)


shelter 1


Shinter 1

2 Responses

  1. so cruel .. stop this all this cruel acts…………………………

  2. Un punto a destacar es que los depósitos de carnitina en el músculo son entregados a un ritmo mucho más lento que los del plasma, los riñones
    y el hígado.

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