UK (England): The Badger Cull Is Under Way Despite Massive Public Opposition.


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The killing of badgers in England started earlier this week – on Monday 26th August.

Despite massive public opposition to the cull, or slaughter, the UK Conservative led government has decided to press ahead.  It is a very controversial issue but is one that has effectively been introduced by the Conservatives to support their farming friends requests.

It can best be summed up by the statement made by Professor John Bourne (Chair of the Independent Scientific Group on Bovine TB), who declared in a statement:

“I think the most interesting observation was made to me by a senior politician who said “fine John, we accept your science, but we have to offer the farmers a carrot – and the only carrot we can give them is culling badgers”.

The ‘Stop the Cull’ site is brilliant and provides an excellent overview of everything.

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Badgers are blamed for spreading the disease, but see the undercover footage obtained at Sedgemore Livestock market in England on three occasions to inspect market bio-security conditions; a situation where TB could potentially be spread amongst farmers who attend the markets and who DO NOT take bio-security seriously. Nearly all of the guidelines/rules/regulations were broken.  And still despite being shown in the video evidence that market farmers are not taking hardly any precautions such as cleaning and disinfecting their clothes and footwear tostop the spread of animal diseases, it is still declared by the farming community and the Conservative government as being the badgers which spread TB and thus are the ones at fault.

Badgers to blame or careless bio-security undertakings by farmers ?

– View the undercover footage obtained at Sedgemore Livestock market at:


By going to ‘List of MP’s’ on the site, it is possible to find out how all (UK) Members of Parliament (MP’s) voted with regard the badger cull – for or against.

ATC = Against the Cull;; FTC = For the Cull.

We are even hearing reports here in our location in South East England that some Conservative MP’s voted in favour of the cull because they were hoping for ‘a cabinet position’ in the future and as such, had to follow the Party whip which is really the way that the party suggests MP’s vote.

It is a very sad reflection on how Conservative MP’s put their own personal position in government way above all of the scientific facts which do not support the mass killing of badgers. See the Professor John Bourne (Chair of the Independent Scientific Group on Bovine TB) statement at the start of this post.

The link ‘Bad Science’ explains more and provides some very detailed information on the situation past and present – see it at

Some UK Press and media links on the badger killings – there are many more !:

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Brian May – ‘Save Me’

(Above – Telegraph is also known as ‘Torygraph – the government can do no wrong !)

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Owen Paterson and David Cameron – the two behind the badger cull.

Doing it for their farmer friends and ignoring the scientific evidence.