England UK: RSPCA Press Release – Friday 23rd August 2013 – Back-to-back shipments of animals leave from Dover today.


All photographs are given below as a supplement this RSPCA PR are provided by KAALE – photographer: Valerie Cameron. 

Note that although operating from the port of Dover, England; the entire operation is organised and run by Dutch business – one J. Onderwater; owner of the vessel ‘Joline’.  Note also that all trucks are Dutch and are Dutch registered.  Although operating from an English port, there is almost no English involvement in this operation.

KAALE web site = www.kaale.org.uk 

Read the KAALE Report (J87) for the first (early morning) shipment of the day by clicking on the following link – KAALE report J87

The photographs below are only associated with the second (afternoon / evening) shipment of the same day.

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RSPCA Press Release:

Back-to-back shipments of animals leave from Dover today

Friday 23 August 2013

Four lorries of sheep and calves arrived at the Dover Docks this morning and sailed to Calais, with a further shipment expected later today (Friday).

Today marks the biggest shipment of animals from Dover since trade resumed from the port in May.

The lorries were loaded onto the boat, the Joline* in the early hours of the morning. A further shipment is expected this afternoon at around 3pm.


Above – ‘Joline’

RSPCA inspectors continue to be refused entry into the port to inspect the animals, despite repeated calls from the charity.

RSPCA deputy chief executive John Grounds said, “This trade has no place in a modern, civilised, compassionate society and it must stop. The fact that this is the largest shipment only highlights this further, as ever more animals are suffering unnecessarily.

“Four lorries carrying both sheep and calves have already left our shores today and another shipment is expected this afternoon. It is unacceptable that these poor animals are being failed and we do not believe enough is being done to prevent their suffering.”

It also emerged today that a meeting has been requested between Kent County Council, Trading Standards, RSPCA and Kent Action Against Live Exports (KAALE) and Thanet Against Live Exports (THALE) and to explore how Trading Standards could provide a role in inspecting the trade.

Earlier this year the trade moved from the port of Ramsgate to the port of Dover. Previously, RSPCA officers, at the request of Thanet council (who own the port of Ramsgate), were given permission to be inside the port and carry out welfare checks on the animals as they arrived on the lorries.

RSPCA inspectors found a whole series of offences were being committed, including injured animals, failed ventilation systems and ineffective watering systems.

“We will continue to urge the Dover Harbour Board to allow RSPCA inspectors into the port to inspect the animals and help ensure their welfare,” continued John Grounds, “We must all stand up and speak out against live transport as the animals cannot speak for themselves and they cannot act for themselves.”


Notes to editors

*The Joline is a flat-bottomed Russian tank carrier designed to work in rivers, not the open sea.

The 12 September 2013 marks the one-year anniversary of the tragic events at Ramsgate, where 44 sheep had to be put to sleep when a lorry was stopped at the port and the animals were found to be sick and lame.

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