UK: Hillside Expose More Farm Animal Suffering in 2013…

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The following video footage IS an example of exactly why there should be NO AG GAG.

With Ag Gag, this footage would not be allowed in certain states of the USA.

Fortunately, and very sadly, this was filmed in the UK – part of the EU; a Europe which has NO AG GAG.


Hillside Expose More Farm Animal Suffering in 2013…

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If Hillside hadn’t discovered the animals shown in the film above, and taken action to help them, they would undoubtedly still be suffering in those same appalling conditions.  Cases like this highlight why Hillside’s Farm Animal Investigations are such an important part of the Sanctuary’s work.  If you would like to support these investigations, please consider donating to our Farm Animal Investigation Appeal…

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closed doors of the factory farming industry…

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USA: National Rally to Protect America’s Wolves!



America’s wolves need you and so does The National Rally to Protect America’s Wolves! in Washington DC on Saturday, September 7, 2013.

Dear Mark,
By now you’ve likely heard about our Rally for Wolves in DC on Saturday, September 7, 2013. If not, you can find out about the Rally right now by clicking on the website link below.

We have reserved a beautiful and historic area adjacent to the Washington Monument, within sight of the South Lawn of the White House and the US Capitol building. The Rally currently has eighteen Rally  Partners (listed at the bottom of the website), made up of small and large wolf and wildlife defender groups, and eight speakers including two native Americans from Minnesota.

A small team of grassroots wolf defenders came together to create this Rally in DC, in order to communicate to our nation’s leaders, to the media and to our fellow citizens that we the people have had enough of demonization, persecution and slaughter of vital and innocent wolves and other native wildlife. We’ve had enough of that in the United States.  Enough.

We believe that it is time for decency, respect and co-existence, with wolves and all our precious native wildlife, to be the new American way. This positive message is the unifying theme of our Rally for wolves.

The best way for you to support this cause is to be there in Washington DC on September 7, 2013. Of course, not everyone can come. Please spread the word and invite those who can be there. 

There are other ways for wolf friends from the US and around the world to support The National Rally to Protect America’s Wolves! 

Check out the Rally website to find out how you can help make this event a positive and transformation moment for America’s wolves and hopefully for all wildlife under seige around the globe:

Thank you on behalf of America’s vital and beautiful wolves.
Robert Goldman
The National Rally to Protect America’s Wolves!