19/8/13 – Today is World Orangutan Day


It’s World Orangutan Day!
And today we are asking you to give just $1 to help give orangutans a future in the wild, where they belong.

We believe everyone can afford to give $1, and we believe that there are lots of people in the world who care about orangutans. Together, we can make a difference!

(You can also give £1 or €1, and of course, you can always give more!)  


Other ways you can help:

Adopt an orangutan: www.forests4orangutans.org/adoptions/

Help buy rainforest: http://www.forests4orangutans.org/earth-4-orangutans/

100% of your donation goes to actual conservation activities on the ground, as Orangutan Land Trust’s core costs are covered by a donor.

Thanks so much for your continued support of Orangutan Land Trust and for helping to give orangutans a future in the wild, where they belong!

Kindest regards,

Michelle Desilets
Executive Director
Orangutan Land Trust









UK: Can Anyone Help ? – UK Accommodation Required for European (German) Animal Friend.

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We do not usually do this; but this is for a special animal friend currently in Europe (Germany).

If anyone can help with long term accommodation facilities here in the UK, then please send your offers and / or details to us through the ‘Contact Us’ tab.  We can then pass on.

Please give your full contact details if possible, as these can then be passed back.

Thank you.  SAV.


Dear Colleagues,

for some time now I have searched the usual internet sites (Zoopla, Rightmove etc.) for suitable accommodation for myself in the UK.

As some of you know I have lived and worked in the UK before (5 years, London) and it has been my wish to return eventually, for good.

But things are not as easy any more as they were when I first went  there, with merely a suitcase. I now have an household to move, with animals.

And that seems to be the main problem. Whatever is in any way suitable for the 6 cats (outgoing) and 6 rabbits – quiet spot ideally, with no through roads – is usually advertised with “no pets” (, no children, no smoker, no DSS …). Or if allowed, then one cat tops.

Also, as I work from home, and am, technically speaking, independent as to the location, I rely on a good working internet connection: 32 MBit minimum stable.

Somehow both of these requirements cannot be gotten under one roof. And I really have searched up and down the UK ..

So, I have asked to send this around in hopes of someone maybe knowing someone .. it is really the last thing I can try.

Requirements are:

– House or flat (no of bedrooms is a difficult size information; here, in Germany, places are measured by sq meters. So, I now rent 65 sq m. It should not be below that)
– with kitchen, but otherwise unfurnished
– Rural location ideally, with garden (access) or open land next to the property
– Net connection: 32 Mbit min.
– Rent: up to GBP (£) 600 max. incl. Council tax/bills

I am a non-smoker, and fully employed (computer sector).