If The Situation In Romania Teaches Us One Thing, It Is That Corruption Does Not Work; Nor Does Stray Animal Killing En Masse. Sterilization and Public Education Is The Way Forward To Reducing Sttray Animal Numbers.

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Above – The results of non sterilization and bad public education.

Wednesday 2nd – as you can see from our ‘Top Posts’ shown on the right side, we have been giving plenty of attention recently to the crisis for stray dogs and cats in Romania.  We trust that you will agree that due to the numbers of animals involved in this government led killing policy; a short sighted policy because they (as the Romanian government) have not acted and spent EU money allocated to them and this sterilization campaign wisely in the past, we are now in the situation where the grossly corrupt government of Romania really has to be sent a message from EU citizens and other campaigners around the world that their approach to stray animal numbers by simply mass killing is something from the dark ages rather than the 21st Century.

This mass kill is now an ongoing crisis in Romania and we will continue to act on the animals behalf and show up failures in the government approach to successful stray management where necessary.

Obviously, due to coverage of this issue, which changes by the minute every single day, we aim to keep you informed of what is happening.  As a result, many of our other routine campaign issues have been sidelined; so as it stands at the moment, we are now going to attempt to withdraw a little from the Romanian crisis and revert back to covering other global animal issues whenever possible.  Romania, due to animal numbers being killed by this haphazard government, is going to continue to be a major focal point for us in the coming weeks.

We thank you all for any actions that you have taken on behalf of the animals in Romania; and we can say (as Europeans) that this crisis / haphazard situation by a haphazard government is now becoming big news throughout the EU.  MEP’s across Europe are constantly being contacted about the situation, and demands from EU citizens are being made for the EU Parliament to intervene and discuss the corruption that is going on regarding politics and misused funds (intentionally provided for the animals) throughout Romania.  There are even calls for Romania to be thrown out of the EU because of the current situation.  This will not happen, but it will act as an indicator to any EU government of the massive pressure that electronic media can put on governments which are failing in their actions regarding positive animal welfare. 

We trust that member states of Europe who are currently not members of the EU, but who are currently hoping for accession in the next few years; like Serbia, will take note of this crisis in Romania and see that ‘animal people’ will take direct and long term action to expose what is happening and expose the undermined actions of national government officials as necessary; people who have failed big time to implement the finances provided to them for the implementation of stray animal sterilization and management.

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Already in Romania, thousands of animals have been killed and suffered terribly due to this total lack of foresight and adequate stray management planning by a bent and corrupt government.  Regardless, we will attempt to continue to be a voice for the animals; bang drums and work towards a more humane method of stray population management for all strays in the future. 

Sterilisation is the only way to reduce stray animal numbers; killing them is an unfortunate ‘quick / temporary fix by misguided governments, which does not work long term as other stray animals from outside regions then tend to move into new (culled) areas in search of better living conditions and the possibility of finding more food.  They bring with them the risk of introducing new problems and diseases which may not currently exist in a region where strays have been killed en masse.  Regions where these mass killings have taken place may see a reduction in stray numbers for just a few weeks; thinking that their ‘problem’ is now solved, but history and past experience shows that within a very short time, stray animal numbers will return to the same, or even go above the numbers which existed before. 

preg dog rom 1

Until there is a government led programme of sterilization, public education and health controls for dogs and cats currently enduring life on the streets, the situation of growing stray numbers in any particular area of any country will never diminish.  Above all, animals which have been sterilized by international welfare organisations within the EU, and which are clearly identified by brightly coloured ear tags fitted to them to indicate same, must never be targeted for killing.  It is these animals, with their now inability to reproduce and put more strays onto the streets, which must be looked at as the positive way forward in the fight to gradually reduce stray animal populations.

Killing animals does not work – sterilization and public education; to get ‘pet (owned) animals sterilised also by their owners, and to prevent them being turned out onto the streets each day and as a result, mating with un-sterilized stray animals, is the other major factor in reducing stray animal numbers long term.  A government needs to focus on good public education more than anything – they have the funds, they need to act positively and compassionately, by no kill sterilization and a forward looking outlook of reducing stray animal numbers.

This public education should be a government led approach, especially when they (governments) are provided with adequate funding by the EU to undertake this – it should never be a situation where we see politicians ‘bag the money’ and stick it in their back pockets for their own nest feathering, as we have seen in Romania and other non EU states within Europe.  If they decide to go down this road, then they have to pay the consequences; it should not be the animals  that suffer death as a result of bent politicians. 

The money is often provided by organisations such as the EU; if only governments used it wisely and allocated it directly into stray animal management as they are expected, then we would definitely see a reduction in stray animal numbers throughout the EU and the world.

It is only when the money allocated goes into corrupt political back pockets that the situation remains as it is  – corrupt and very non animal welfare friendly.

Mark – SAV founder.

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