England: Most Recent Live Animal Export Protests Given Additional Boost By Chris and ‘Shipping tv’.


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Anti live export campaigners at the Port of Dover in South Eastern England have been given additional support and a further boost to their campaign actions via the help of Chris and his site which is called ‘Shipping TV’.

At the most recent export of live animals from Dover (UK) to Calais port in France on the evening of 18/11/2013, Chris came down and joined up with protestors against the live export trade which even in the UK, is largely undertaken and operated by Dutch exporters and hauliers.  Only one small truck out of the five seen that night were British; the rest being Dutch.

Chris interviewed Ian Birchall, the Chairman of KAALE www.kaale.org.uk  (and the organisation which Mark, SAV founder, is also the EU Correspondent for), regarding the export trade, and Chris obtained some excellent footage of the protests, the port and the livestock trucks arriving at the port.

Despite the time of the trucks arrival being around 2300hrs in the late evening, there were around 55+ protestors still at Dover port to voice their opposition to the trade; and to let the livestock drivers know how people feel about them.

You can see the video produced by Chris at  http://youtu.be/w_5aNFW8lQQ  and for all you ship spotters, you will find Chris’ site at ‘Shipping tv’ of great interest.  Please visit www.shippingtv.co.uk 

We all thank Chris for his work to further give audience to the horrors of live animal exports.

Please watch the excellent video and crosspost to everyone you know.

Anti live animal export protests have been operating at Dover harbour since around 1988.  The campaign has over the years since seen a massive reduction in the number of live animals exported from the UK for slaughter in mainland Europe.  The ex cold war river barge, the (Dutch) ‘Joline’ (registered in Latvia), which is currently used to carry the trucks (and which is shown in the video) is the very last vessel to still take live animals to Europe for slaughter.  The effectiveness of the campaign can be shown in as much that Monday nights shipment of 4.5 trucks was the first seen in almost 2 weeks.

The campaign will continue until there are NO live animals being shipped to mainland Europe for slaughter.   In his interview, Ian from KAALE outlines the Chris the negative aspects of what this live trade is doing to UK business.

The campaign has continued since 1988; we the protestors and investigators are prepared to continue for however long it further takes.

Thanks for your help and support Chris.

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