USA: UPDATE – Despite the Terrible and Unnecessary Killing of 9 Wolves this last week, Defenders of Wildlife Now Achieve Success for Idaho’s Wolves.


Regarding our recent post of 21st January 2014 and Idaho’s wolves:    

UPDATE 28th January 2014

– We now have the following update from Defenders of Wildlife;

Special thanks to everyone who acted in response to our urgent appeal of the 21st – we are sure you will find the following news rewarding, despite the tragic deaths of 9 wolves in the past week – SAV:

P.S. Click here to read our official press statement. 


I am pleased to report that last night we learned that the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) has recalled the trapper they hired to kill wolves in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness – halting the planned extermination of wolf packs in this area!

This is an important victory and you were a big part of it. The outpouring of concern and outrage from wildlife lovers across the country made a real difference. Thank you for helping make this victory possible!

As you know, Defenders and our allies went to court seeking an emergency injunction to halt the planned slaughter. Idaho’s decision to end their program means that for now, the remaining wolves are safe.

Make no mistake; the state of Idaho is one of the worst places in America to be a wolf. Nine wolves in the Frank Church Wilderness had already been killed before the trapper was called off, and this is on top of the hundreds of wolves that have been killed in the state since federal protection for wolves was eliminated. We have every reason to believe that Idaho will continue its reckless and unwarranted wolf eradication program.

There will surely be future fights to protect Idaho’s wolves, but let’s take a moment to celebrate this important victory for wolves!

All the best,

Jamie Rappaport Clark
Defenders of Wildlife

P.S. Click here to read our official press statement. 



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