Ireland: Support ‘ARAN’ – Please Take Action Regarding Courtney Brothers Circus.



ARAN circus

From our good friend John C. who runs ARAN in Ireland – SAV: 


Dear Members, Supporters;

Today we release new footage of camels and tigers at the Courtney Brothers Circus during their recent stop in Ballincollig, Co. Cork.

The footage shows the confinement and stereotypical behavior endured by the animals in these unnatural environments. As we write to you, one of these same camels was pictured running loose on a main road in Fermoy in Co. Cork recently. This brings to mind the elephant – also from the same circus – that escaped in Blackpool Co. Cork, back in 2012. As well as the elephants that had to be dug out of a drain in Youghal Co. Cork, back in 2007. Please SHARE on Facebook.


ARAN’s ‘Stop Circus Suffering in Ireland’ campaign is already having a positive impact on public opinion and awareness of the problems endured by wild animals that are used in circuses. Thanks to our work to date, nine Irish towns and councils have now passed motions to ban or restrict the use of animal-act circuses using public land; we are working on ensuring that they make the town by-laws. ARAN’s campaign is also inspiring hundreds of people, both north and south, to take action by means of protesting circuses visiting their towns; via our streetoutreach; our online campaigns; our work in schools; and our lobbying of government. This is bringing about a future where circuses will continue to tour Ireland – but without the wild animals. When that day does come, we have offered the circus industry here our help with ensuring that these very same animals can be retired to responsible, caring sanctuaries, where they can live out the rest of their lives in long overdue peace.



1.   Please email the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney and demand a total ban on animal-act circuses in Ireland. Tell him that no “code of practice” or “regulations” will make this industry OK – it just rubber-stamps the suffering.


2.   Please send the above video to your local town councilors and urge them to introduce a motion to ban animal-act circuses using public land in your respective town or city. Contact us for assistance on this.

Thank you for your vital support and compassion!

ARAN‘Fighting animal abuse across Ireland’







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