the “most dangerous” animal

Who is the “most dangerous animal”?
While the child lay unconscious on the ground, Jambo sat near him to protect him from other curious gorillas, this happened in 1986!
The gorilla died in 1992 at the age of 32 years of a burst artery.



Binti-Jua, the gorilla lady, was on hand in 1996 when a three-year-old climbed over the barrier and fell more than five meters. She took the unconscious boy in her arms and lovingly cared for the child, while the passers-by watched in disbelief.

Binti-Jua protected the little boy until finally the paramedics arrived. Then she carried him cautiously to the front door of the enclosure and laid it tenderly.

And in May 2016, another kid in the zoo the US city Cincinnati fell into a gorilla enclosure. This time, the gorilla Harabe was not so lucky, he was shot in the rescue attempt.
Therefore, one wants to take their livelihood from the last remaining gorillas in the Congo?

Who is really the “most dangerous animal” now?


And I mean…Three identical events, but two different reactions from the side of the human animal.

The third time in May 2016 (I remember the case) Silverback male Harambe reached for the child and was shot ten minutes later by the most dangerous and cruel animal in the world, the human.

With the right of the stronger. The fundamental fascist right of man to other animals.

Best regards, Venus


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