Serbia: Formal Charge Sent to Serbian Government Regarding Those Who Profiteer From Animal Suffering.

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Here below is a copy in English of a formal Charge to the Serbian authorities regarding the matter of irresponsible owners of dogs and cats; and the men who profiteer from this.

The wording is as translated and supplied directly by Serbian welfare campaigners.  It is the translation of the charge made.

Again; as we have seen and been campaigning about for some 10 years or more now, very many authorities in Serbia are doing nothing regarding the sterilisation of stray animals to reduce their numbers over a period of time – basically, a programme for stray animal number reduction in Serbia.

As you can see from our other post today in relation to ‘Nani’ the baby deer –    –  there appears to be a situation of people in power to make decisions in accordance with Serbian legislation, who are in fact bending every rule that they have in their power to avoid being compliant with the law.

Taxpayers money should be invested in a national sterilisation and stray animal number reduction over a period of time.  It should not be spent on allowing animals to continue un-sterilised; to continue breeding with owned (also un-sterilised) animals which are still turned out onto the street each day by irresponsible owners.  They are irresponsible because they do not have their animals sterilised; and because they turn them onto the streets each day to reproduce with strays – thereby producing more stray animals on a continual basis.

The stray animal situation is a complete scam; a cover up by authorities who continue to spend money rounding up and killing healthy animals, rather than looking to a long term programme of stray animal reduction.

We are fully aware that even animals which have been sterilised with funding from overseas EU organisations; and which have been fitted with an ear ident tag to identify to shinters that they are no threat to increasing animals numbers; are STILL being rounded up; thrown into authority pounds to then be killed at a never ending coast to the taxpayer.

Who allows this ? – the same people who do not make a decision on the future of ‘Nani’ deer; despite regulations and law clearly showing that the decision time has long passed.

Is this the future for the EU and potential new members in future such as Serbia ? – they give the two fingers to the EU and just continue to do what they want using all the powers of corruption which runs the ‘business’ of stray animal management in its current form.

Regardless of the current situation; we will continue to be a voice for stray Serbian animals.

Serbian politicians wish to join the EU; but with a nation which is politically run by corruption; do other existing EU member states want the in the future we have to ask.  Look at the current situation in Romania for animals – an EU member state.  Fortunately with new seniors at the EU animal welfare Intergroup advising the MEPs who make up the Euro Parliament; we may now start to see some progress for the stray animals of Europe; and, not before time !!    

And from Serbian animal welfare campaigners – the current situation:   

Here below is the translation of the charge fled by Serbian activists on 22/9/14.

Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2014 6:19 PM

Subject: RE: ! PRIJAVA 22.9.14.!



Charge filed 22/09/2014 for the organized crime

Urgency to the Charge of 05/09/2014 and Amendment and Extension of that Charge for the conduction to all competent state authorities, because it is a question of economic crime, abuse and mistreatment of a large number of animals in the extended period of time; in the greater part of AP Vojvodina.

Since 14/02/2011, Public Agency for Animal Hygiene, Vrbas has the facility for the accommodation capacity of 150 dogs with the suspicious Decision and without a check list. It is situated in the street Marsala Tita 89, on the cadastral plot number 2839, at the location of the reon 5.

For years this company brings in that facility a large number of dogs from the territory of the City of Novi Sad where there were 2500-3000 new dogs every year in the past decade. It also brings in a large number of dogs from the territory of Vrbas (in the past decade there has been 400 new abandoned dogs every year in Vrbas) and since 13/06/2014 this firm: Public Agency for Animal Hygiene Vrbas signed the contract with the Animal Hygiene Service of the City of Subotica which had 900 new dogs on the streets every year in the past decade. This indicates that all three cities have the same category of people, the one who abandon or throw out the animals they no longer want. This completely suits this company and its associates therefore as of 10/06/2009 NONE of these cities have a legitimate Program to manage and reduce this category of the population that actually supplies this company and enables the entire chain of accomplices in part of Vojvodina the gain of illegal profit along with the abuse of a large number of animals, which is in opposition to the applicable law.

We assume that the firm: Public Agency for Animal Hygiene Vrbas has similar, void contracts with more cities and that is something we want the Ministry of Interior and the Public Prosecutor’s Office to investigate, because it is about obtaining the illegal profit, with the criminal offense of abuse of a large number of dogs (cats are not mentioned so far in the documentation we have) in the entire greater part of AP Vojvodina.

We demand the prompt action, because it comes to living creatures which this firm and its accomplices from other cities in Vojvodina illegally manipulate, and therefore the urgent research and accurate determination of the facts is needed by state authorities who are able to follow the flow of money, as well as the state authorities who are able to follow the fate of the animals who are protected by the Article 7 of the Animal Welfare Law and the Article 269 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia.





We have seen NO answer to this above from Serbian government authorities for the last 10 years;

Serbian political corruption and ignorance of a progressive way forward to a long term solution is the current political way – who is right and who is wrong ?

Will stray animal numbers ever be reduced under the current regime, or will the continued corruption of the system allow animals to suffer indefinitely ???

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