Serbia: ‘Nani’ Latest 8/10/14 – Still Serbian Minister Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic Is Incapable Of Decision Making; 30 Days later Than the Deadline Date !!

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Article – Speak out to save the life of baby deer ‘Nani’:


 Petition wording:

Hunters and the police took away a motherless baby deer from his home and his foster and now want to put him into a zoo. Their first plan was to slaughter him (as it is the usual practice here), but because of the public reaction the baby was saved. However he is not cared for properly. He has diarrhea and shows signs of stress and fear. He misses his caretaker very much and that feeling is mutual. The struggle to gain him back lasts for more than two weeks. Authorities are not doing their job and it may cost this baby deer’s life. Minister of Agriculture can issue an order that will bring Nani back home and there is a legitimate possibility for that however that is not happening even though Nani’s family has requested it. If Nani ends up in a zoo it will seal his life as a captive animal for good. Please help!


Hi Mark

todays pics news : there is no news in case Nani.

It is not normal from 10.8.2014. to today- no one  official word from nobody here.

Situation is too long for Nani deer and poor Cameroon female – she is the only goat which has now not been killed by the hunters. 





We at SAV are sending the pictures of Nani taken every time to the EU.

We have also been in contact with the EU regarding the situation and the Serbian Law of animal welfare in relation to making a decision about what was going to happen to Nani.  We are now almost 2 months into still not having a (still) lack of decision / action by Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic; who originally had 30 days for acting in agreement to Article 58 of Serbian Law for Animal Welfare.  

Serb Minister 1

Above – Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic

We consider this shows just how chronically bad the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture is as it is still not capable of making a decision some 30 days BEYOND its final decision date under existing Serbian Law !!

We will continue to take pictures, publish them on SAV and also send them to the EU for as long as it takes.  We will continue to show the dramatic inability of Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic, to make any decision, until she does the right thing and makes a decision to send Nani deer back to Mrs. Titic; the adoptive parent.












i want to go home



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