England / Serbia: Late News 30/10/14 – SAV Writes to the (EU) Ambassador at the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia.

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Late update 30/10/14 – UK 2030hrs.

With thanks to Vesna.

Tonight, after being given information by Vesna; we have now written to the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia;

providing lots of information to the Ambassador Davenport, who like us, happens to be a British citizen; who also speaks fluent Serbian; especially detailing all our recent events, the SAV site and our request that he asks the Serbian government on our behalf for the release of Nani deer and all the other animals currently being held by the hunters:



As existing citizens of the EU, from the UK (SAV is based in England, UK); we hope that Ambassador Davenport will be making a representation regarding Nani to the Serbian Prime Minister; who we understand he meets very frequently; within the next few days.

More news on this to come shortly.



Serbia: Nani News 30/10/14: Still Minister Refuses To Act – But Nani Is Being Fed And Photographed Daily.

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Milan say

NANI is now fed as usual. I left a lot of greens, vegetables, and gave her a pinch of salt. The big problem is when I  moving house.

She is very nervous, leaping into the fence, run by the fence, cry ,and it is very difficult for her and for me But nothing could to help her.

Regards Vesna










Serb Minister 1


i want to go home

Our new petition to free Nani the deer can be viewed and signed at:


Thank you – Nani and friends.



Global: Farm Animal Shorts – All The Latest In Farm Animal News !

batt hens23 October 2014

Sow crates phase-out takes hold world wide

Woolworths, Pick n Pay action in South Africa latest examples.

Author/Organization: Meristem Land & Science

Year: 2014


The pressure started in Europe. The focus then became North America. Now the drive to phase-out so-called ‘sow crates’ or gestation stalls has firmly taken hold in a variety of major pockets around the world.

The latest examples include shifts by South Africa based retailers Woolworths and Pick n Pay.

Woolworths has announced that from the end of September, all fresh pork sold at the supermarket chain will be sourced from farms that no longer use conventional sow stalls. The Cape Town headquartered retailer is touting this “introduction of sow-friendly pork” as a first for South African retailers, represents a milestone in the company’s “Good Business Journey” sustainability initiative.


Final Report of an Audit carried out in Latvia from 24 to 28 February 2014 in order to evaluate the animal welfare controls in place at slaughter and during related operations

This report describes the outcome of a Food and Veterinary Office audit in Latvia from 24 to 28 February 2014 to evaluate the effectiveness of controls in ensuring animals are spared any avoidable pain, distress or suffering during their killing and related operations, as required by Regulation (EC) No 1099/2009. In particular: the assurances given by official controls regarding the business operators’ compliance with applicable requirements of Regulation (EC) No 1099/2009; whether official controls are carried out in accordance with the relevant requirements of Regulation (EC) No 882/2004 and are suitable to ensure the effective implementation of Regulation (EC) No 1099/2009 and Member State’s and Competent Authorities’ compliance with requirements such as guides to good practice, scientific support, and certificates of competence, and the effectiveness of implementation of those requirements.

Author/Organization: European Commission (DG SANCO)

Year: 2014

Where: Latvia



21 October 2014

Animal welfare included in UN Agricultural Investments Principles

For the first time, animal welfare has appeared in a United Nations (UN) agreed text.

Author/Organization: World Animal Protection

Year: 2014

Topics: food safety, productivity, welfare on the farm




Animal Welfare: The Pleasure of Respecting Rights

Animal husbandry and animal welfare are inextricably linked with ethical, political, economic and social issues. What to know and how to produce and consume animal products that are ethically and culturally sustainable.

Author/Organization: Slow Food, Terra Madre; European Commission; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Where: Italy

Topics: welfare on the farm




From farmer to farmer – Animal Welfare and its benefits

Hear from farmers and scientists working to promote animal welfare how to benefit from it. Farmers and producers are invited to participate, share their experience and best practices on animal welfare and their thoughts.

Author/Organization: Slow Food, Terra Madre; European Commission; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Where: Italy

Topics: welfare on the farm



23 October 2014

Hundreds of Dogs to be Sterilized in Quebec First Nations Community

A mass sterilization clinic will be held 18-22 October to provide veterinary services for stray and roaming dogs in a remote First National reserve.

Author/Organization: Humane Society International (HSI)

Year: 2014

Where: Canada

Topics: animal welfare/general concepts, dog population management



21 October 2014

Pig Pledge launched by welfare groups

Animal welfare campaigners have launched ‘The Pig Pledge’ campaign to encourage consumers to change their shopping habits and only buy high-welfare pork.

Author/Organization: Meatinfo.co.uk

Year: 2014

Where: United Kingdom

Topics: meat production, pigs, welfare on the farm



23 October 2014

Consumers urged to buy pigmeat ‘from farms not factories’

The National Pig Association (NPA) has insisted scale of production is not a factor in the welfare of pigs in response to a new campaign urging consumers to buy their pigmeat from ‘farms not factories’.

Author/Organization: Farmers Guardian

Year: 2014

Topics: farming, labelling , meat production, pigs, standards, welfare on the farm



Or better still – don’t eat any animals – go no meat !! – SAV.






Serbia: Whats In That Box ? – And That One ??? – Felix Kitties Get Presents !

Serbian  Flag

gift 1

gift 2


Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

Everybody loves gifts and the Felix kitties are no exceptions!

In these photos you can see them checking out the presents they received from Animal Rescue Serbia and they’re obviously enjoying all of these exciting gifts!

On behalf of 115 furry beauties, I’d like to express my sincere thanks to Jelena Jova and her friends from Animal Rescue Serbia 🙂

All of us here at Cat Shelter Felix are boundlessly grateful for your kindness and thoughtfulness!

Every donation counts, no matter what the size!



Please give anything you can  – thank you.

PayPal button:





See (the now famous) Freddie doing his bit on video at:


gift 3

Look, look, there is more in here !!!

Canada: The Theme Song Every Vegan is Talking About.



sheep rule

The Theme Song Every Vegan is Talking About


Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/the-theme-song-every-vegan-is-talking-about.html#ixzz3HdOdpMGB

Answering some of the most annoying questions that vegans get asked all the time, Toronto-based rap artist Chokeules sets the record straight once and for all.

“What do you eat? What about meat? What about protein? What about cheese? Can you eat fish? Do you eat this? Would you eat that? Are you anemic?”

While many of the questions Chokeules raps about often come from a lack of understanding, the truth is, regardless of the fact that veganism is making its way into the mainstream, people who don’t eat meat and diary still get asked these questions all the time.

From coconut bacon and tofurky to tofu scramble and soy jerky, the song sends out a clear message that veganism is not about deprivation, and that if you want, you can still choose to enjoy all your old favorites — except they’ve been veganized!

Featuring a cast of adorable animals from Wishing Well Sanctuary in Bradford, Ontario, Chokeules is helping to show the world that there is an alternative, and that with all the options that are available to us today, it really couldn’t be easier to choose to love animals rather than eat them.

Check out the song (and the super cute animals) for yourself in the video below:


To find out more about the inspiration behind the song, we got in contact with Chokeules himself and here’s what he had to say:

“One day one of my oldest friends said to me ‘Look, no offense, but seriously — what do you eat?’ After having been asked that same question over and over for years, that day the idea for the song and the chorus popped in my head.”

We also asked him why he thinks it is so important to get this particular message out there.

“The song itself is just about vegan food and vegan junk food, but it’s definitely not representative of all the healthy vegan options out there, just more of a funny response to people wondering how they could replace their precious comfort foods. Quinoa and kale didn’t get the respect they deserve. ”

The tune, which was only released three weeks ago, immediately went viral, garnering support from animal lovers all over the world.

“The video has been getting an amazing response, largely in part to our awesome friends at Wishing Well Sanctuary, who gave us the best location and actors ever, but also because the vegan community has been crazy supportive.”

Bowled over with all the positive response that the song has had, Chokeules has been inspired to continue using his talents to spread the compassionate message.

“It’s been humbling getting such positive feedback and support from people and organizations I admire, who do so much for animals. All I did was write a cool song, so it’s definitely been a wake up call to remind myself why I became vegan in the first place, and that I should be doing more to raise awareness.”