England: CIWF Expose The 320 Million + Rabbits Kept In Factory Farm Conditions In Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland and Cyprus. Please Sign The Petition and Watch The Video – End Rabbit Cages In The EU.



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Around 320 MILLION Rabbits are kept in battery cage conditions in certain nations of the EU.  Its time to stop this and act now.  Please watch the video (links given below) and see the squalid conditions and suffering that these animals have to endure.

End the cage now – please sign the petition via the link given below.

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We have just signed Compassion in World Farming’s petition.

I think it might be of interest to you. Compassion want to end the use of cages in rabbit farming in Europe.

Rabbits are the most caged farm animal in the EU – over 330 million are farmed for meat every year. And almost all of these are caged.

Will you help us to End the Cage Age?
Sign the petition here: www.ciwf.org.uk/helprabbits  

See undercover video at:


OR watch on Youtube at:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we1xeip5P6I#t=46  



Through the summer of 2014, Compassion’s Investigation Unit operated undercover in 16 separate rabbit farms throughout Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland and Cyprus. What they found was appalling.

Since Compassion’s initial undercover work on Europe’s rabbit farms in 2012, we have made real progress identifying humane alternatives to barren cages. But, sadly, this year’s wide-ranging investigation revealed just how far from humane most of Europe’s rabbit farms are right now.

Time and again, our team found unspeakable welfare conditions, the most barren environments imaginable, and hotbeds for disease, dependent on the routine use of antibiotics just to keep animals alive.

The video footage and some of the images from the investigation may shock you, but this only goes to highlight why we need to act.

Please take the time to sign the petition. Call on the European Parliament and all 28 European Agriculture Ministers to demand legislation to end the use of cages in rabbit farming.

It’s time to act! 








England: Just Days Before A Crucial Wild Animal Circus Animals Vote In Parliament; Deputy PM Nick Clegg Does A U Turn On His High Wire !!!



clegg fails


Captive Animals Protection Society, PO Box 591, Manchester, M12 0DP, England UK.

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Here we go yet again – the ‘other’ part of the UK coalition government who are now telling us there are more important things to be done.  And this from the man who has a 7% popularity vote from the public this week ! – would you not think (as a so called ‘Liberal’) that he would realise that there are many votes to be won out there from a party that shows interest and action for animals ?

Cameron and Clegg – two useless ‘don’t give a toss about animals’ peas from the same pod ! – but as CAPS say below – “But all is not lost! Jim Fitzpatrick’s Private Members’ Bill has its second reading in Parliament this Friday.

 If the initiative is successful, the ban could be introduced in spite of the Government’s failure to act”.


Wham bam – Gosh !!

2 Hypocrites Who Want Your Vote In May 2015 !

Two Useless BatPeas (Cameron and Clegg) From the Same Dreary (Non Animal welfare) BatPod.



“Animal advocates from CAPS and campaign partners at the Born Free Foundation have today expressed their shock at indications from the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg of a back-track on the promised ban on wild animals in travelling circuses in England”.


Said Liz Tyson, Director of CAPS:

We have heard time and time again that the Government is still committed to introducing the ban before the next general election but this most recent communication from Nick Clegg appears to tell a different story. We are urging anyone concerned about the continued use of wild animals in circuses in this country to take urgent action and ask their MP to support Jim Fitzpatrick’s Bill, which will have its second reading in Westminster on Friday 17th October”.

Said Chris Draper, Programmes Manager for Captive Wild Animals at the Born Free Foundation:

We have been concerned for some time that the Government does not intend to fulfil its promise to ban wild animals in circuses, and this latest indication does little to settle our fears. We are in a bizarre situation where the public and Parliamentarians have been united in favour of a ban for some time, but our elected Government continues to stall. And all the while, wild animals such as tigers and zebras continue to be hauled around England. We are calling on the Government to make good on their promise and take action now to end this outdated practice.”


Just days before MP Jim Fitzpatrick’s Bill to ban the use of wild animals in English circuses is given its second reading in the House of Commons, a concerning letter penned by Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has arrived at CAPS HQ. 

In it, and despite repeated assertions that the promised ban is still very much on the Parliamentary agenda, Clegg states that he “understand[s] why it was felt that other policy issues had to take priority for the final parliamentary session”. We are deeply concerned that this indicates that the ban has been shelved by the authorities. 

But all is not lost!

Jim Fitzpatrick’s Private Members’ Bill has its second reading in Parliament this Friday. If the initiative is successful, the ban could be introduced in spite of the Government’s failure to act.

This is the final push!

We have just a few days to make out voices heard. Please ask your friends and families to get involved by writing to their MPs. It takes a few moments and could make the world of difference. Click here to write now.

Tell me more about the Bill!

Thank you, as ever, for your support,

Liz Tyson, Director

P.S. We have just a few days to make our voices heard. Please act now!

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Captive Animals’ Protection Society

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