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new whale species

Save New Whale Species from Extinction

Posted by Megan Eimers

Target:  Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, Secretary of Commerce at National Marine Fisheries Service

Goal:  Protect the world’s most recently discovered and highly endangered whales before they go extinct

A new species or subspecies of whale has been discovered in the Gulf of Mexico, but there are only about 50 left. A genetically distinct group of Bryde’s whales, which appear to be a new subspecies or possibly an entirely new species, is disappearing due to habitat loss caused by human threats such as oil exploration. The Bryde’s whale is the only baleen whale known to the Gulf.  Scientists would like to know more about this species, but time is quickly running out to save it.

The only known habitat of the new type of Bryde’s whale is the DeSoto Canyon, which is alarmingly close to the location of the disastrous 2010 BP oil spill. The oil industry is expected to expand in this region, and the whales have been known to be struck by the busy traffic of cargo ships in the area, putting their numbers at even greater risk.

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has petitioned the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to list this species under the Endangered Species Act before it is too late for them. The Bryde’s whale needs to be added to the federal endangered species list in order to preserve its unique evolutionary lineage. Sign the petition below to urge the NMFS to approve the petition and move forward to conserve this new group of Bryde’s whales.


Dear Dr. Kathryn Sullivan,

I am very concerned over the imperiled status of the new species or subspecies of Bryde’s whale recently discovered in the Gulf of Mexico. With less than 50 left, time is running out to study these animals and discover more about them. We need to conserve their habitat and protect this species in order to study their interesting evolutionary lineage.

I urge you to take the steps to protect these whales before it is too late, and to approve of  the petition sent by NRDC to add this species to the Endangered Species List. Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit:  Rungroj Yongrit, EPA

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burning bull

End Barbaric Practice of Burning Bulls Alive

Posted by Ashley Rodriguez

Target: President Juan Vincente Herrera, Castile and Leon

Goal: Cancel the horrific torture and murder of bulls during the Toro Jubilo

Each November, the Toro Jubilo festival is held in Soria, Spain. During this festival, live bulls are burned to death while tied up to posts or set loose to run through the streets. They are affixed with balls of flammable tar, also called pitch, which are then set on fire. Residents of the city hold a belief that eating the flesh of these tortured animals after they are engulfed by flames will bring fertility and invincibility. Such a notion is archaic and unfathomable in today’s world: Fertility and invincibility will not result from horrific murder. Urge officials to cancel this bull run and tell them that the cultural customs and beliefs of a society are not an excuse to kill an animal, let alone in such a horrific fashion.

Bulls, like any other animal, are perfectly capable of feeling pain and experiencing emotions. Their last hours of life during this bull run are spent in immense pain and fear as they are literally burned alive. Terrified bulls run aimlessly through the streets of Soria in a blind rage of pain and fear, their faces burned off by the flames. Others remain tied up and unable to move throughout the death sentence that can last for hours. Spectators look on while the animals’ faces, bodies, and flesh are burned away until the animal is finally dead.

The fact that this practice is part of a festival and provides some type of entertainment or satisfaction for spectators is vicious. Sign this petition to stop and ban this sadistic practice immediately, as it was during the 1960’s and 1970’s.


Dear President Herrera,

I am absolutely horrified and disgusted with your city’s horrific rituals during the Toro Jubilo. No animal or being deserves to have their bodies scorched alive in a public display for human entertainment. Such acts have no place in society and serve no real purpose. Burning animals alive for fertility is inhumane, and “tradition” is not a justification for murder.

I refuse to travel to Soria while festivals such as this are still taking place. Please consider the gravity of the situation and the wellbeing of the animals being tortured while still alive and fully able to feel pain.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Stuart Yeates via Wikimedia Commons

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dismiss inspector

Dismiss Inspector Who Ignored Animal Abuse

Posted by Jennifer Schwager

Target: Dr. Bruce Archibald, President of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Goal: Demand the suspension or termination of government inspector who disregarded blatant animal abuse

An undercover investigation into the abuse of animals at a hog facility recently revealed employees kicking, shocking, and clubbing pigs. Even more shockingly, the investigation uncovered evidence of blatant complicity on the part of a government inspector, who not only allowed the abuse to continue, but even provided employees with an electric prod to use on the pigs.

In a video released by Mercy for Animals, workers at the Western Hog Exchange in Red Deer, Alberta were seen beating hogs that were sick, injured, or unable to move with bats while a Canadian Food Inspection Agency agent stood watch. In the video, the agent clearly recognizes the abuse, stating, “If anybody has a camera, this will be on the Internet.”

Each week, 40,000 live animals pass through Western Hog Exchange, a transport hub from which most of the animals continue to slaughterhouses. According to the Company’s chairman, Brent Moen, the employees seen participating in the cruelty have been fired, and an independent, third-party contractor has been hired to conduct an investigation. In addition, another inquiry is being conducted by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

While the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) says it has begun an investigation, they have not yet suspended or terminated the inspector in question. In the meantime, it is possible that the inspector is displaying the same disregard for his duty that he displayed previously. In order to ensure that CFIA inspections are effective in preventing cruelty to animals, it is imperative that the inspector is suspended from his position pending disciplinary action. Sign the petition below to demand that this negligent and incompetent inspector is suspended during the investigation.


Dear Dr. Archibald,

Evidence from a recent investigation showed a government inspector watching and allowing the beating of pigs by employees at Western Hog Exchange. At one point, the inspector is seen passing an electric prod to the employees as well as admitting recognition of egregious breaches of Canadian animal protection laws.

While the CFIA has launched an investigation, there is potential that the inspector will continue to allow abuses in other facilities until a conclusion is reached. I demand that, while the investigation is pending, the inspector is suspended from his duties, and that if the investigation finds guilt, further measures are taken, including dismissal.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Jon Sullivan via Creative Commons

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punish cruel pet owners

Punish Cruel and Neglectful Pet Owners

Posted by Jackie Ip

Target: Monthian Boonthan, National Legislative Assembly Member

Goal: Impose punishments on pet owners who fail to adequately take care of animals

In Thailand, many pets are subjected to abuse and neglect by the very people who are meant to love and take care of them. Fortunately, a new piece of legislature aims to punish people who neglect, torture, or fail to properly take care of their animals. Cruelty, as defined by this bill, is any action or absence of action which causes an animal agony, disability, or death. This bill will also require owners to provide care for their pets. Failure to comply will result in a jail term of up to one year and/or a fine of no more than $600.

Pets’ owners are their entire lives. They rely on them for care, food, and love. Animals should not have to be subjected to abuse or neglect by the people who should be taking care of them. This bill will give pet owners in Thailand the push they need to become more responsible pet owners. They will have to give their animals the proper care they deserve.

If this bill passes, a high-level committee to prevent animal cruelty and promote animal welfare will be established and the lives of pets in Thailand will benefit greatly. Sign this petition and support this animal welfare bill.


Dear Mr. Boonthan,

It has come to my attention that you and many others in the National Legislative Assembly are focusing on passing an animal welfare bill that would punish pet owners who abuse or fail to provide adequate care for their pets. Many pets are suffering abuse and neglect in Thailand at the hands of the people who are meant to take care of them and I believe that this bill will change that for the better.

If this bill passes, a committee to prevent animal cruelty and promote animal welfare will be established. I believe that this, in congruence with the punishments against pet owners who neglect, abuse, or fail to care for their animals, will give pet owners in Thailand the push they need to become more responsible pet owners.

I would like you to know that you have my full support in regards to this bill. It will greatly improve the lives of pets in Thailand.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: yeowatzup via Wikimedia Commons


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USA: The Fate of the Gray Wolf Lies in the Hands of Michigan Voters.




michigan grey wolf 

(Photo: Danita Delimont/Getty Images)

 The Fate of the Gray Wolf Lies in the Hands of Michigan Voters

Hunting of the formerly endangered species is on the ballot. Only 630 are left in the state.

October 13, 2014 By Steve Friess

Steve Friess has written for Politico and The New York Times. He teaches journalism at Michigan State University.

Voters will determine the future political lives of a number of humans on Election Day, but in Michigan, the actual lives of gray wolves also hang in the balance. 

On Nov. 4, the people of Michigan will vote on whether to uphold or overturn laws passed by the state legislature that permit hunting of the gray wolf.

The gray wolf was on the brink of extinction 40 years ago but lost its federally protected status in 2012 as its population recovered. In Michigan, the wolves are found only in the remote, sparsely populated Upper Peninsula. The state’s Department of Natural Resources estimates there are about 630 wolves, and hunt proponents insist the predators have become a menace to livestock and domesticated pets.

Tony Demboski, president of the Upper Peninsula Sportsmen’s Alliance, said the aim isn’t to “hunt” wolves so much as “the scientific management of controlling the wolves just as we do the deer, coyotes, and bears.”

“Nobody is out to eliminate wolves,” he said. “But we have farmers who are losing livestock, people in the city of Ironwood who are scared to let their kids go to their bus stops.”

There have been no reports of wolves attacking people in Ironwood, which is on the Wisconsin border, or any other town in Michigan. An investigative series by in November 2013 found most of the incidents claimed by hunting advocates had been fabricated or exaggerated. More recently, a spate of four wolf attacks in August in the Upper Peninsula resulted in the deaths of a hunting dog and a cow, according to the DNR.

The vote is the latest battle between backers of the hunt in the Republican-dominated legislature and opponents, whose campaign is funded in large part by The Humane Society of the United States.

A bill to permit wolf hunts passed in late 2012, but the grassroots organization Keep Michigan Wolves Protected collected enough signatures to delay the law until it is voted on in the November election. By 2013, the legislature passed another bill, this time to allow the state’s Natural Resources Commission board to designate the wolf as a game species.

The result of that bill was a six-week wolf hunt in late 2013 in which hunters killed 22 wolves—about half the limit set by NRC. Earlier this year, Keep Michigan Wolves Protected turned in enough signatures to freeze that bill too and put it on the Nov. 4 ballot.

“When the first bill was introduced in October of 2012, I immediately heard from people in U.P. [Upper Peninsula] who were horrified that the wolves had just began to recover and now would be hunted,” said Jill Fritz, chairwoman of Keep Michigan Wolves Protected. “And then the second law was passed for the sole reason of circumventing a voter referendum after we stopped the first one.”

Still, it’s unclear whether banning wolf hunts at the ballot box will be enough to protect the animals.

This summer, the Michigan legislature approved a “citizen-initiated” bill that confirmed the NRC’s power to name the gray wolf a game species and establish hunts. It was forwarded to the state with the necessary 275,000 signatures organized by the group Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management.

Because lawmakers added an appropriation requirement that the state spend $1 million on fighting Asian carp and other invasive species, it cannot be repealed by referendum.

Fritz’s group is suing to block the law as unconstitutional, and courts are expected to consider the issue in early 2015.


SAV Comment:

Please vote to ensure protection for the future of this wonderful animal.





Serbia: Gen.Sekretarijat Predsednika Srbije je molio Ministra poljoprivrede da postupa,ali- bez efekta

Serbian  Flag

From: epar

To: Ministar Policije ; premijer A.Vucic ;

Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2014 10:20 AM

Subject: Fw: danas je Nani vidno neraspolozena. Nije cak ni htela zelenisa koje sam poneo sa sobom. Ne znam sta joj daju ovi , ali se da videti da je mrsava. Jednom je Slavica, na pocetku ove borbe, rekla da ce ipak u Srbiji biti svetla na kraju tunela. Ja


Ima li svetla na kraju tunela ?  ili je ovaj nas mracni tunel kruzni ?

Molimo vas da se u skladu sa svojim kompetencijama,zakonskim pravima i obavezama i vi ukljucite u ovaj veoma ozbiljan predmet u kojem se vide pogazeni zakoni i Ustav Srbije.

Zasto administracija :Ministar poljoprivrede,cuti od 9.9.2014.? nakon sto joj je 10.8.2014.stigla Molba Dragane Mitic da joj dozvoli da zadrzi svoje lane .

Zasto policija stiti svoje sluzbenike koji dokazano nezakonito rade?

Da li Drugostepeni organ Sluzbe unutrasnje kontrole MUP RS koji postupa po Pravilniku o prituzbama na rad policije, postupa po EPAR-ovoj Prituzbi na rad Prvostepenog organa?

Zasto RVI u Srbiji nezakonito rade?

Zasto Lovne inspekcije nezakonito rade?


1.8.2014. lovci LU `Hajduk Veljko`,Cicevac,su uz asistenciju policije PS Cicevac oteli lane koje po zakonima Srbije i po zakonima prirode pripada porodici Dragane Mitic koja ga je izbavila iz kome u kojoj ga nasao samog s 450 gr tel mase  sused beruci gljive u sumi.Ova pitoma jedinka divlje zivotinjske vrste koja ,ostavsi bez svoje prirodne majke,od rodjenja zivi u zarobljenistvu ,je po zakonima Srbije i po zakonima prirode( jer lane prezivljava samo uz prirodnu ili zamensku majku) vlasnistvo Dragane Mitic koja je sticajem okolnosti : zamenska majka laneta Nani u Cicevcu.

Sve dokaze u predmetu Cicevac smo vam dostavili, ne zelimo vas opterecivati ponavljanjem slanja ogromnog dokaznog materijala,ali  ako zelite ponovicemo ili poslati CD s dokaznim materijalom.

S postovanjem

EPAR /Alijansa za zastitu prirode,prava zivotinja i prava ljudi

24000 Subotica,Matka Vukovica,9