Lebanon: Europeans try to save storks, then this happens over Lebanon.



Lebanon 2Lebanon 1


Europeans try to save storks, then this happens over Lebanon.

There is no fighting chance for migratory birds when they fly over Lebanon: Hunting laws may be in place in the Middle East, but who’s enforcing them?

From storks and pelicans to hoopoers to eagles to migratory songbirds… see the images of the bloodbath in Lebanon during this year’s hunting season:

See more at: http://www.greenprophet.com/2014/10/europeans-try-to-save-storks-then-this-happens-over-lebanon-warning-graphic-images/#sthash.i2EYPKq6.dpuf  


All Pictures from Greenphrophet – click on links to go to site.

New migratory birds; another year of senseless slaughter.

A savage country in the migratory corridor of European birds!

Will anyone stop them?

Some species of birds that can be seen in the pictures are very rare and endangered.

Photos are disturbing:


Please sign the petition at:


Lebanon 3

Lebanon 5

Lebanon 6

Lebanon 7

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