England: Another Slaughterhouse That Should be Closed Down – Hillside Capture Undercover Abuses During 3 Month Filming.



SAV Comment

This is why cctv should be fitted as compulsory into EVERY slaughterhouse right across the EU.  People should not be allowed to get away with animal abuse, especially at their time of death.  They are frightened; they hear, see and smell others die – the whole system is wrong.  S. Bagshaw and Sons  who run this facility – butchers they certainly are.  Close them down !

Click here to see the other recent expose by Animal Aid at a UK slaughterhouse:




Please click here, or above, to see our latest Farm Animal Investigation including a short film of our findings.  This investigation, which was carried out 200 miles away from us in Staffordshire, was featured in both yesterday’s Sunday Mirror and today’s Daily Mail.  Once again, we have uncovered cruelty to animals behind the closed doors of the farming industry, that are destined for the food table. Today, following this exposure, Trading Standards, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the RSPCA have all visited the premises and have told us they intend to take appropriate action using the filmed evidence we are providing to them. 

Link to the investigation report…

If you would like to help us with our work exposing cruelty to innocent animals,
please click here to donate to our Farm Animal Investigations Appeal

Hillside paper cover


Hillside report 2






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