Macedonia: Not Enough Letters Of Support – They MUST BE Done Today (2/3/15) – Please Do Them !


Please support our friends at Anima Mundi by writing a very short letter concerning the Vardariste facility.  Details of what to do are given in the following:


Dear friends of animals,

we, animal protection organization Anima Mundi are writing you once again  appealing  for your written support and help to stop mass dog killing in public city shelter Vardariste, in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. (forwarded mail )

We know that you are extremely dedicated and too busy helping animals in your country or in the world, we are appreciating everything that you are doing and we are respecting your time – but now we are contacting you with conviction that even a short letter of support can be big help for animals in republic of Macedonia.

thank you in advanced ,
best regards,

Stole Velkovski


Please give this campaign your support – get everyone you know to sign: