EU: Reference Data – The European Enforcement Network for Animal Welfare Lawyers and Commissioners.


The European Enforcement Network for Animal Welfare

Lawyers and Commissioners

For all of our global visitor friends from outside of the EU; here are a few links which will provide you with plenty of information into the legal situation for EU animals at this present time; and also plans for the future.

We have broken the areas down into sections and provided the necessary link for each.  Note that for ‘On Going EU Enforcement Activities and Challenges’ below this is then further sub divided into many areas including battery hens, cosmetic testing, sow stalls, slaughter etc.

Hopefully this excellent site will give you an insight, and loads of information into the current EU situation with regard animal welfare issues.

Worth a Look:  For a summary of each member states enforcement of the rules (or not !) – please go to  then click on the green button (compliance) for a nation-by-nation compassion.

By visiting  and then sub selecting any EU member state on the EU map; you can find out a great deal more about each member nation and how they perform regarding animal welfare legislation.  For example:

Selecting the UK on the map takes you to –

As another example; Sweden; you can go to the map and click; then you will be taken to –

Check out the EU animal welfare enforcement status and you will see both the UK and Sweden have top marks (Greens) all round.  Selection of different nations from the map provides you with an insight into how good or bad each nation is when it comes to animal welfare legislation enforcement.

For an overall introduction please go to –

EU animal welfare legislation –

European Court Judgements –

EU Strategy for Protection and Welfare of animals 2012 – 2015 –  

On Going EU Enforcement Activities and Challenges –

‘On-Going EU legislative proposals’  –

Animal Welfare Audits – The Food and Veterinary Office (FVO)  –

EU Parliament Written Questions  –  

Have a good time checking out the masses of legal useful information on EU animal welfare legislation and enforcement site – we hope it helps –  it sure helps us keeping tabs on how good or bad member states are !!!


Australia: Now The Australians Attempt ‘Ag Gag’ To Protect The Animal Abusers. Worth It ? – NO; Expose The Reality !!!


worth it

Now the Australian government attempts to use Ag Gag to stop the reality being exposed.

Above is what they do not want you to see ! – that is why they are trying to stop exposure and protect the animal abusers.

Only a couple of days left with this to take action – so please sign NOW Thank you.



The Australian Senate is currently considering a bill that will PROTECT ANIMAL ABUSERS and shut down animal cruelty investigations – the Criminal Code Amendment (Animal Protection) Bill 2015. 

For decades now animal activists have used undercover investigations to expose the cruelty and neglect animals suffer at the hands of the agricultural sector. The Animal Liberation Victoria Open Rescue team, as well as activists from many other organisations, have exposed countless examples of suffering and neglect that would otherwise have been hidden from public view.

Without these undercover investigations the general public would be unaware of just how the animals exploited by these enterprises actually live. Thanks to animal activists who risk their safety and freedom to gather this information the public is able to make an informed choice regarding what they as consumers are willing to support.

This vital information is now under threat. Liberal Senator Chris Back is seeking to introduce ‘Ag Gag’ laws, similar to those already passed overseas. These laws target animal cruelty investigators and whistleblowers.

If introduced these laws will:

–          Criminalise ongoing undercover investigations and covert surveillance of commercial animal enterprises.

–          Require that any footage obtained must be turned over to police, the DEPI or the RSPCA immediately, rather than given to animal right groups or the media. (These bodies have a long history of failing to act when presented with documented evidence of animal abuse – the RSPCA even profit financially from animal farms, as they are in business with many of the farms they are supposed to police – see

In short, animals and their suffering will once again be hidden from the public, and consumers will no longer be privy to the reality of Australian animal farming.

Please speak up now to stop this bill that serves only to protect animal abusers and criminalise the truth.

USA: $800,000 to gun down wolves ?, NO – Idaho should spend this money improving schools for its children.



CBD header

Wolves CBD

Dear Mark,

Last year Idaho Governor Butch Otter set up the “Wolf Depredation Control Board,” funneling $400,000 in taxpayers’ money to finance the slaughter of the state’s wolf population.

So far the wolf board has spent an average of over $4,500 per wolf to gun down and trap these amazing animals.

Now they want to do it again.

The control board has requested another $400,000 for the coming season.

With what it’s spending to kill wolves, the state of Idaho could improve the education of thousands of schoolchildren. They need it — Idaho’s dead last in per-pupil spending, and the state’s colleges have one of the lowest graduation rates in the country.

Instead of spending up to $800,000 to gun down wolves, Idaho should spend this money improving schools for its children. That’s why we’re petitioning Gov. Otter to redirect those funds to Idaho’s kids.



Tell Butch Otter to spend taxpayers’ money on school kids instead of wolf killing by signing our online petition today.

To fight for wolves we also need your support — you can help us with a donation to the Wolf Defense Fund.

Last year in Idaho alone we put an end to the state’s hired gunman in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness and kicked an obscene wolf-killing contest off public land. We’re also suing to stop Wildlife Services, the federal animal-killing program, from operating recklessly across the state. We go to bat for wolves and other wildlife every day, and we need your help.

For the wolves,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity







UK: The Political Joke That Is Wild Animals In UK Circuses – But NO JOKE For The Animals !

no choice no voice


From our friends at Animals Asia; who do such fantastic work.

Please sign the pledge against the use of performing animals; and then share.


SAV Comment:

This is special for us here in the UK at this present time.  See our words from the dogs mouth re the UK General Election in May this year –   

Over the last 6 months or so, the UK government led by Conservative David Cameron has had no less than 3 opportunities to ban the use of wild animals that remain in a few British circuses.  3 times the government has failed due to the fact that the Bill has been ‘talked out’ (not given enough time to be passed; by a small number of Conservative Members of parliament.

In 2009 the government Ministry Defra published the follow up to a public consultation – you can read it here:

Links –

The outcome – wild animals are still used in a few British circuses.

To allow wild animals to be used in circuses is to ignore the calls of the 94% of respondents to the 2010 public consultation on this matter, to dismiss the reams of evidence and opinion published in Hansard, and to overlook the outcome of dozens of hours of parliamentary debate, dating back to 2005 and earlier; all of which clearly demonstrate the overwhelming support for a ban on all wild animals in travelling circuses

So, come May 2015 and the UK General Election; it could be suggested that animal welfare campaigners DO NOT give a vote to politicians who have ducked, dived and dithered for the last 10 years or more regarding wild animals being used in circuses; despite 94% of the British public calling for a ban when there was the public consultation ! – and the government works for us ? – don’t think so !.  In the last 2 weeks, just 3 Conservative MP’s, namely The Independent, Andrew Rosingdale,  Phillip Davies, and Christopher Chope have scuttled the wishes of 94% of the British public; voters !  – The Bill had every chance of becoming law, but as Parliament will be winding down in the coming weeks in order to allow campaigning for the election; there is no real chance of the law being passed.  We will have to wait yet another series of months, years ?? before the issued has another chance and wild animals in circuses are confined to the history books.

The current situation could be represented like this: – David Cameron MP (Prime Minister) – man or mouse for animal welfare in the UK ?


The current government of the UK have had their chance to help animal welfare legislation – they have failed beyond belief.  Thus they do not get the vote in May 2015; simple as that.  Support and votes will only be given to political parties who actually come forward and declare their intentions to help animals and their welfare.

See our words from the dogs mouth re the UK General Election in May this year –   


BUT – Help Asian Animals in the Circus;

FOR ASIAN ANIMALS, do better than the UK clowns in government – Sign to stop the cruelty.

Take the pledge now – and say ‘NO’ to animal performance cruelty.

The animals forced to entertain the cheering crowds at circuses and in zoos and safari parks around Asia lead a life of misery and fear.


These animals suffer terribly, both in and out of the spotlight. They live in dark and dismal cages or cells, and endure abuse, intimidation and neglect. Having to perform unnatural tricks to roaring crowds, under bright lights and with blaring music is a terrifying, and often painful, ordeal for the animals and a shame on those who choose to watch.

No voice, no choice.

Say no to performing animals.

Please sign our pledge and ask your friends to sign too.

Thank you,

David Neale
Animal Welfare Director.


cameron clown 1