Bosnia and Herzegovina: Petition – Terrible crimes are happening, do not be blind! – Help the Dogs.

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Please give your support to the following important petition from Mirela for Bosnia and Herzegovina dogs.

Petition wording:

Why this is important

Terrible crimes are happening, do not be blind!
people are worried, scared and mostly evil,
Dogs still roam the city hungry, sick, terrified, thousands of them ..this petition trying to get all the cantonal authorities to take in account of opening the new asylum, who will not only work through the system of donations, budget such a way is strictly parasitic. Asylum must be run by people who love animals, and who are willing to volunteer to look for new, fresh ideas, and thus involve all the media, public and private companies. Asylum would depend on its own income .it is difficult, but not impossible, if the authorities allow, the ideas, plan already exist, with the help of professional advice we can make it happen, on the end we can protect stray dogs, and also increase the number of jobssign the petition, and help rescue dogs BiH


Petition Link:

Message: Terrible crimes are happening, do not be blind!

10 years in a cage – their rescue is today! – 26/3/15.

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UPDATE From AA on the road with the move – 27 March – Latest pictures from the rescue team on the road to freedom.

– en route to their new home.

AA 27 Mar 1

AA 27 Mar 2

Check out the latest news as it happens –

They’ve never been outside – now two bears, rescued from bear bile trade, will travel 2,000 kms to freedom.

As we know from vet Joost’s earlier message – the team are reading your incredible messages of support on the road. It’s been such a long day for them. Let’s hope they’re in their next hotel before too long and manage to get a good night’s sleep.

These bears have been shown more love and compassion in the last 24hrs than they’ve received their entire lives.

Yogi will be set for extensive dental treatment when he arrives at our sanctuary. In the meantime these marshmallows with anti inflammatories will help him cope with the pain.

The legend that is Bear Team Supervisor Tuan spots a jackfruit tree as the truck crawls down the motorway with their delicate cargo. The team has spotted and one forage later – there’s leaves for the bears to enjoy (pictures above) – picture below shows the leaves being cut.

AA tree leaves




AA logo 1

26/3/15 – Fantastic news to start today.

10 years in a cage – their rescue is today!

By visiting the Animals Asia site you will be able to track the progress of the bears move over the next week or so.

Click here to see the journey to freedom –

Live updates from the Ben Tre Rescue Timeline – follow the news of the journey:

LIVE #BenTreRescue habit has Coco hoovering up the rice first – but just wait till she tries the fruit & veg.

 Coco eats rice

Above – Coco tucks into rice – fruit and veg waiting !

Follow 2 caged bears on their way to freedom

Dear Mark,

We wrote to you last Friday with some good news about the release of two moon bears trapped on a bile farm in southern Vietnam.

Their journey to freedom starts today. And you can join them every step of the way.

Our rescue crew, including a vet, vet nurse and a bear team supervisor are already at Ben Tre where the bears have been caged for over 10 years preparing for their transportation home to our Tam Dao sanctuary.

We expect the 2,000km journey by truck up the entire coast of Vietnam will take around six days. The rescue comes as Animals Asia battles to secure the release of the remaining bears in Halong City.

Despite the signatures of over 110,000 people urging Vietnam’s Prime Minister to allow Animals Asia to rescue the surviving 19 bears, decisive action has yet to be taken.

“Each individual deserves sanctuary – and we’re delighted to have been given permission by the authorities to provide care to these two bears for the rest of their lives. It’s a long journey, but not in the context of a life. The bears and team will spend the best part of a week on the road, but we hope the bears will have many happy years ahead of them.” Animals Asia founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE

We can’t wait to get these bears home. Join them on their journey to freedom on our   website, Facebook or Twitter.

And as you follow these lucky bears home, please consider giving a little to their rescue and recovery.

Thank you as always for your support.

Dr Tuan Bendixsen
Vietnam Director