China: Petition – Cruel Chinese TV Show Exploiting Animals Must Stop.


China tv show cruelty


Cruel Chinese TV Show Exploiting Animals Must Stop

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Target: China’s Hunan TV Station

Demand: Cancel the show “Wonderful Friends”

A popular reality show in China called “Wonderful Friends” features celebrities interacting with animals. While the show has done extremely well with 20 million people watching the first episode, it exploits animals and should not be tolerated.

The basis of the show is that celebrities are paired with animals to do human-like activities. For example, an elephant gets a pedicure in one of the shows. In another episode, a baby orangutan is dressed in human clothes, which experts say could lead to alienation among his fellow orangutans.

One particularly sad scene involved a father and son chimpanzee. The baby chimp was taken by a celebrity to “find its father” and the father became violent and emotional when they were separated. Experts say that the reactions of the animals in the show, such as an orangutan smiling, are being mistaken by viewers as “cute.” They are actually signs of fear and stress. Experts also say that the show is unsafe. Wildlife activist Wang Hui, who works with the activist group Animals Asia, said: “When they [the animals] see these strangers, they might become afraid and take action because of the stress, which is very dangerous to human beings.”

Using animals for entertainment is wrong, especially when they are put into situations that are cruel, stressful, and unnatural. This television show is sending all the wrong messages, and should be stopped immediately. Demand that Hunan TV cancel this show.

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