Netherlands / France: EoA (NL) Write To French Authorities Regarding Terrible Animal Suffering Resulting From Overturned Pig Transporter on 4/3/15.



The following is a letter sent to the French authorities by our good friend Lesley at Eyes on Animals; regarding a French pig transporter which overturned a few weeks ago.  We did not know about this in the UK, but it obviously made news in mainland Europe.  We feel the need to show you what has been written by Lesley.

You will also see a link to the video of the accident and the suffering animals; which are the subject of Lesley’s letter.

Lesley takes up the issue from here:


I am sending this out today to the gendarmes and official vets in France, related to the clean-up of the pig truck accident a few weeks ago there.
I have added all the logos.

Let´s keep our fingers crossed for a response.

If I do, I will let you all know.

Bises en bon weekend

Lesley – Director – Eyes on Animals –

Warning – animals suffering in this video:

The original letter in French which Lesley sent to the authorities.

French letter to French vets and gendarmes about pig truck accident (1)

Below is a translation (Google Translate) of what the letter says.


Dear ……

Your services were responsible for monitoring of an accident involving a pig transport truck rolled on its side at 6:30 am on March 4 in Britain. Shocking video of this accident circulated on social networks throughout Europe. This film is visible on the following link:

We are writing on behalf of animal protection organizations in Europe. We discussed

the pictures with transport companies of animals and we want to express our astonishment and vis-à-vis concern the method used to support the rugged truck and clean up, hoping it would not happen again.

When an accident occurs and which involves a vehicle transporting live animals, driver of the truck and the animals are cared for first. In the case of this accident, the driver was taken to hospital, but animals were still inside the truck injured when a crane was sent there. This raised the truck and handed over its wheels with injured pigs and struggling inside. Video images show pigs suspended the 3rd level of the truck (4 meters high!), with their hind legs trapped inside the compartment and front legs struggling in the void, struggling to reach the soil.

Some pigs were crushed under the weight of other conspecifics stacked above them. These pigs had been extremely traumatized and too long; we can then wonder why their suffering was extended by new injuries and a state of Panic?

The best method would be to unload pigs as soon as the driver had been taken to hospital, saving animals to await the arrival of the crane and still be inside the truck when it was back on its wheels.

We talked with experts who are management of truck accidents transporting live animals. They tell us that in the formations, it is specified that the truck drivers, accident, must be emptied of all its animals. These must then be gathered to protect them from further accidents. Animals injured and suffering should be immediately euthanized. After this step, the truck can then be back on its wheels. In the case of this accident, the truck roof should have been open immediately to allow the release of pigs, its collection and treatment before the crane is used to straighten the vehicle.

Can a particular reason to explain the procedure followed in this accident?

No doubt you are also shocked as we are by this accident, regret them decisions taken and would improve in the future support of this type transportation accident?

We are aware that an accident involving live animals is a complicated event manage and that there is no ideal solutions.

However, expertise and skills that can improve the efficiency of the management  Load exist. We would be happy to help you benefit from this experience in you proposing to organize a seminar to establish a synergy between your expertise field and specific external expertise.

Thank you for your understanding and awaiting your reply

Please accept, Madam, the expression of our respectful greetings.

Lesley Moffat

Director – Eyes on Animals

Macedonia: Petition – Dogs Sexually Abused and Then Murdered – The Person Is Known But The Government and Police DO NOTHING.



igor petition


Please give your immediate support to Igor and what has been found to be happening in Macedonia – Thanks SAV.



Petition Link:

Petition wording:

  • author:Igor Petreski

  • target: Adnan Jašary, Minister of Justice of Macedonia and Mrs. Gordana Jankuloska, Minister of Internal Affairs of Macedonia

Dogs disappearing overnight nowhere to be found.

Tied, starved, and traumatized dogs, dogs left without water is the image one gets upon entering an abandoned building under construction in Kočani (Macedonia).

Once you step a foot inside your blood freezes and cold sweat covers your body – always a new dog staring back at you, terrified and asking for help, dehydrated and starved. At the same time you get an unstoppable urge to vomit from the unbearable stench of the rotting corpses.

Turn around and you see the remains of the bodies of dead dogs – decomposed corpses, scattered limbs.

In the house there always are empty beer bottles and numerous used condoms. There is horrible evidence and clues that dogs are sexually assaulted, abused, and then murdered by a person that has been reported and known to police, but no one ever did anything to put him behind bars.

Please give us your support and sign this petition so we can alarm the public and make relevant institutions act.

This person was last seen yesterday taking another dog. Please sign and share!