Serbia: Appeal For Donations For Next Tank Of Gas – Can You Help Please ?

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Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix


Please share and help if you can!

No matter how hard we’ve tried to raise the funds for one more tank of gas for central heating, we’re still far from reaching the goal.

Wonderful Laura Simpson and her awesome organization The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund have stepped in again and have done as much as they could, but we’re around $1000 US short nonetheless.

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The additional problem is that the gas delivery trucks have to travel more than 200 km in both directions in order to deliver us the heating fuel and naturally, the gas company won’t even consider sending it on such a long trip if it’s half empty.

It’s not that cold right now (although it’s not warm either), but we’re expecting a drop in temperature accompanied with strong wind and sleet next week, so we’ll have to switch to electric heaters until we succeed in raising the entire sum of money needed for a full tank of gas.

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A significant number of the Felix kitties are 18 -19 years old and they simply can’t handle the kind of cold that young and healthy cats can.
Once again, we’re reaching out to all of you to help us keep the cats warm and comfortable!

Even the smallest donation means a lot as everything adds up and gets us closer to our goal! Our gas tank’s gotten almost empty now and this is really a time sensitive emergency!

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To donate please go to:

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Come on folks – lets get it filled again quickly !! – Thanks, SAV.


EU: 11th March – Second Anniversary of the Landmark EU Cruel Cosmetics Ban – Support the BUAV and Take The Pledge !



Dear Mark

Did you know that animals are still used to test household products on sale in the EU?

Sadly rabbits, hamsters, rats and mice are still used in cruel experiments to test the ingredients in everyday household products.

It is truly heart-breaking Mark that countless animals are being made to suffer for washing up liquid, air fresheners and dishwasher tablets

Today – on the second anniversary of the landmark EU cruel cosmetics ban – we’ve launched a call with our European partners for the EU to continue to lead the way by making household products cruelty free.

With your help we know we can do it again and – this time Clean Up Cruelty in Europe!

The good news is that cruelty free companies – certified by the Leaping Bunny – have proven it is possible to make humane household products without testing on animals.

Mark you can make a difference for animals by pledging to use cruelty free cleaning products in your home or workplace!

On this historic day please take the Clean Up Cruelty pledge and commit to using only Leaping Bunny certified household cleaning products. Search the list of over 600 cruelty free companies on our Go Cruelty Free website.

Thank you,

Michelle Thew

Chief Executive

Stay With It !

Come on folks; stay with it !