If You Want To Serve The Age, Betray It.

 bosnia stray

If You Want to Serve the Age, Betray it.

There’s a truly great Irish poet. His name is Brendan Kennelly, and he has this epic poem called the Book of Judas, and there’s a line in that poem that says: “If you want to serve the age, betray it.”

What does that mean, to betray the age?

Well, betraying the age means exposing its conceits, it’s foibles; it’s phony moral certitudes.

It means telling the secrets of the age and facing harsher truths.

Every age has its massive moral blind spots. We might not see them, but our children will.

Bosnia sterilisation

circus hippos

Nerxt luka 2

Onderwater Dover 2nd May 2013

Romania 8 oct 21

sheep legs ramsgate

SOI August 2



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