Serbia: The Real Current Situation – Info and Video Links From Serbian Campaigners.

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The following messages have been left in our ‘contact’ box.  They say it all, and the videos show the situation.  Serbian government is out of control.  The EU is doing very little to solve this problem.  SAV.

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I recently wrote to  Serbiananimalsvoice, regarding introducing new Animal “Welfare” Law.

Well, it’s getting worse and worse. No more meetings with animal welf org, all refused, 31 AW org signed a letter to Ministry of agriculture a few days ago, some citizens go for protest. In the meantime, killing goes on,  in spite of the fact that it’s still illegal.

There is an organisation called Avenija MB, avenue, what an irony. Description of their business in register is   ANĐELIJA STEVANOVIĆ PREDUZETNIK, RADNJA ZA ČIŠĆENJE OBJEKATA I OSTALE USLUGE U POLJOPRIVREDI AVENIJA MB, NOVO SELO , small business, Shop for cleaning objects and other services in agriculture.  ??????

However, they are employed by 26 councils to catch stray dogs (contract between Mayor of the council and Avenija), all published on tender list. Only criterion to get a job is – who is cheapest.

All is illegal, but we can’t do anything.  They have  opened ” shelter”, read ‘concentration camp’, access denied. They even haven’t a licence , but local government doesn’t care.

A few people managed to enter, 20 dogs in cages.  If they don’t die by hunger, by disease, they get infected, they get killed, or get thrown somewhere in the bush. Citizen noticed groups of sick dogs , skin and bones (link attached).

Point is that councils blessed by government turned blind eye, employed pure fascists,  who will get rid of stray dogs. Not only stray. They are payed per dog, so they try to catch as many as possible.

Local newspapers in Serbia don’t want to , or mustn’t write about it, there only two web sites zivotinje rs and petface who write the truth on this topic. Is it possible that foreign news or tv write something or make a short video, what can we do???

And now, with new law changes, killing will be LEGAL.  Government claims they must change The Law to follow EU Animal Welfare rules. Imagine cruel rules on primitive way. We, animal lovers, from Serbia and all over the world, are shocked.

two videos attached

photos published by ORPAK Krusevac, dogs found on the street in terrible condition, all infected, all had to be put down. They strongly  believe they were thrown by  Avenija there.

 And then we were sent further information by the same campaigner:

 Message: please ad this link to my previous message (as shown above – SAV), dogs found on the road krusevac, village kaonik, in the middle of the nowhere, 20 of them.

Have a look at the picture. They didn’t come there by themselves. No. They were all brought there and left. Avenija, dogcatchers scenario. They catch them on one place, get paid for that, throw or kill them on another. Not the first time.

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Message: keep up the good work…my heart is with you guys….xooxoxox to our animals….


Thank you – we have been and will continue to try and wake up the EU Commissions about this – SAV

Please keep checking this site for any further news we may get on the situation – things are changing a lot and news is coming in at different times – being in the UK it is also an extrra problem as we are not on the ground in Serbia.

Here is a link to our recent post which gives news as of 26/5.

Here is a link to another tab on our site – ‘About Serbian Animals’ – which will give you info on the actual law in Serbia which the government and all the authorities are completely ignoring.

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