Denmark: Petition – Rabbit Killed on Air by Radio Host Deserves Justice.



Rabbit Killed on Air by Radio Host Deserves Justice

Allan the rabbit was brutally killed by a radio host who bashed him in the head with a bicycle pump before wringing the animal’s neck and eating him. Demand that the host be removed from his position.

A radio host in Denmark killed a baby rabbit live on the air recently. The horrific stunt was done as a way to demonstrate how the people of Denmark have different standards for animals rights when it comes to animals raised on factory farms and those that are considered pets.

The small grey bunny, Allan, was killed by Asger Juhl who hit the rabbit three times on the head and then wrung his neck. He then cooked Allan and ate him with a glass of wine.

While the radio station was trying to make a point, killing an animal is not the way to do it. Demand the Asger Juhl be removed from his position at the radio station.


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