UK: Now Guaranteed – The UK Citizens Will Vote To Leave, or Remain In, The EU.



UK to vote to leave the EU.

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The UK Parliament has – 27/5/15; included several issues to be debated in the UK Parliament over the next year.

One very important one, and one that will definitely go ahead will include a referendum on Britain’s continuing membership of the European Union, which will be held before the end of 2017.  This will give every resident of the UK an individual vote on whether the UK stays in, or leaves, the EU.

Whilst we appreciate that the EU is the major trading partner for the UK; we also share the same feelings of many EU citizens now – simply that the EU hierarchy (Commissioners etc) are not taking any notice of what the people want; and instead are going their own merry way down the road; utterly ignorant of the wishes of those who pay the national finances into the EU club.

The current situation that we have today in Serbia; where the ‘rule of law’ is NOT being adhered to by corrupt officials in both government and regional authorities; only shows that the requests, mails and petitions presented by us. citizens of the EU, with regard to legislation changes for stray animals; are being completely and utterly ignored by the EU officialsIt is as if the EU does not care what the EU citizen wants; they have decided and they will go with it regardless of the EU rules which we are informed on the EU web sites are ‘fundamental and paramount’ (such as the ‘rule of law’ which must be proven to be complied with by new members).  The EU does not appear to be taking much note of the rule of law – Serbian national legislation that the Serbian authorities and government have completely ignored for the last 10 years with regard how Serbia should treat the stray animals within its borders.

If this is the case, ignorance of Serbian legislation (regarding animal welfare) by the Serbian government and authorities, which it is, then it has to now be argued if leaving the EU is probably the best thing for the UK. 

Let Serbia instead join the EU, let Serbia bring with it the corruption that we are witnessing there every day – let Serbian MEP’s (to be) join with the Romanians and others to become the major force in dragging down the regulations for animal welfare across Europe – lets see Serbia become the next EU Romania – ignoring the EU regulations and doing just what it wants, because this is what will happen if non-compliant nations who ignore their own national standards and regulations through not enforcing the national rule of law will eventually do to once in the EU – that is destroy all respectability and compliance with EU regulations; whilst introducing a ‘free for all’ situation rather like the gunslingers of the old wild West.

With the EU not taking / enforcing hard action with nations such as Serbia over the issue of stray animal legislation; the EU has lost ALL credibility.  The EU ‘talks the talk’ and publishes all the ‘compliance’ requirements on its website – but the reality is rather different; things may be overlooked when convenient; especially with such ‘small’ issues as animal welfare.

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Commissioners will continue to get their large salaries (for doing what exactly ? – enforcing the EU rules to new accession states ?) whilst attempting to entice new member states into ‘the club’.  Enforcement of the ‘rule of law’; which the EU has always claimed is so important to be enforced and proven  by new member states wishing to join, now appears to have been thrown out of the window.  It now appears you can become an EU member regardless of your compliance with your own national legislations – ie. the ‘rule of law’ is a distant dream that only some nations actually comply with.

Each and every day, with the pathetic situation re animal welfare that we are now witnessing within the EU by EU Commissioners; and by not giving the citizens of Europe a voice, the UK is asking itself if membership of the EU is actually worth anything.  Here at SAV, whilst always being pro-EU in the long past; we have now become very undecided on the current situation.  Maybe we in the UK would do better to pull out of the club; let nations such as Serbia and Romania take the reigns within the EU; have the corruption and non compliance within the club.  If this is what the EU wants, then it is welcome to it – let it have a wild West of non-compliance with regulations by these kill happy states.

Let the UK leave; fine, we take our chance – the EU is doing nothing for us regard Serbian animal welfare; it tells us nothing even if it is; so maybe best that we pull out via the UK referendum and go it alone !

Our petitions are ignored by the EU Commissions;

our e mails are ignored by the EU Commissions,

our letters and formal complaints are ignored by the EU Commissions; the Commissions (with regard Serbian animal welfare issues) just utterly ignore us and everything that we represent and stand for; and so one has to ask; ‘whats the point of doing all this when the EU Commission(s) just ignore the very people it is supposed to represent ? – the EU citizen ? – supposedly US !!’.

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By 2017 the people of the UK will be given the chance to vote on the UK’s future in Europe and the EU.  People may vote in majority to stay in; or they may vote in majority to leave.  Until the referendum takes place; it will be very interesting to watch what actually happens regarding the EU and the UK.

Whatever the result of this now guaranteed vote by the UK government; the EU and its non-elected Commissioners and Commissions really must ‘get with it’ and listen to the citizens of Europe and what they actually want.

And as an EU animal welfare organisation; we call on the EU to put major pressure on the Serbian government to STOP changing the law regarding animal welfare issues as it is currently attempting to do; and we request that just for once, the Serbian government actually enforce the Serbian national animal welfare laws that it has ignored compliance with for at least the last 10 years; and which we have continually proven and shown on this site ever since it started.

Serbia is out of control – it is corrupt from border to border, from the top downwards, and it is doing nothing that will be of benefit to the EU.  From what we see regarding animal welfare, the EU Enlargemnt Commission is doing very little to enforce EU policy on this state currently seeking EU accession.

Maybe now; if we do not see the EU actually take control over Serbia and its lack luster enforcement of national legislation (ie. enforcing the rule of law), it is time maybe for the UK to go it alone.

We are being drawn towards this way of thinking and voting more each and every day when we have to sit and watch Serbian animals being treated as utter trash by an utterly trash Serbian government.

EU – get your act together and do something; or very soon you will be less one member state – and that is called the ‘UK’.

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